NaBloPoMo 2009


Yep, there's actual knitting content — and more to come later in the week!

I spent a few hours in a room with over 100 knitters yesterday, listening to a presentation on knitting activism and charitable knitting given by Alison Gates (more here).  Now, I've knitted with and been in large groups of knitters before — at classes, retreats and festivals — this is the first time I've knitted with such a large group that was overwhelmingly local, within a 60-mile radius or so.  Original expectations for attendees at this event numbered in the 20s, when the guest list swelled to 120, there was some scrambling to be done to accommodate us all.  Luckily, there was room at the inn — the building that houses the Atlas Coffee — in an unused portion undergoing renovations.

Interestingly, other than personnel from Iris Fine Yarns, I knew only two others in the group.  Some photos…


That's Phyllis, above, owner of Iris.  I didn't get a good photo of Alison — she was wearing a headset/microphone and wasn't too comfortable with it (but she really needed to use it so we could hear her!).

Iris will be putting together a list of "who we knit for."  I had the opportunity to talk up the Orphan Foundation of America and The Red Scarf Project.  There were lots of knitters for homeless, hospital and domestic abuse causes — mostly local — I was encouraged that there was recognition of The Red Scarf in the room!

And, I started a new "red" scarf!!

Happy Sunday.  I'm off to meet a new baby!

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  1. I wish I could have been at the event on Saturday. I was in Appleton for the day but with a husband and two small boys, that wasn’t high on the communal list of things to do. I am a big supporter of knitting for those in need and I am going to knit a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Sounds like a great cause. Thanks for the information.

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