This is us

This is me!  Ali called from work on Saturday morning to ask if she could take my car to Milwaukee — hers had a thing.

I said, "Sure!  Whatcha goin' to Milwaukee for?"

"To see Mark Knopfler."

"I WANT TO SEE MARK KNOPFLER!"  I involuntarily moaned into the phone.  It was so pitiful that she offered to buy me a trinket at the concert, which, of course, I declined.

It's been almost all Mark Knopfler almost all the time ever since, though – a little Emmylou Harris, J.J. Cale, Van Morrison, and Dire Straits, of course, mixed in.  Have I mentioned how much I love Pandora?  I wrote a very nice post on Saturday about guitars that included lots of videos, but you can't actually see the embedded videos when composing a post and I started rearranging things and it got all messed up.  So.  One video today.

I did a little neatening up 'round the homestead on Saturday in preparation for the group birthday celebration on Sunday.  I finally tired of seeing (moving around) certain of my unfinished knitting projects and began to rip.  Notably, an unfinished Bayerische sock, and a more mindless sock that I started when Michael was in the hospital — I know, that was AGES ago!!  I always hated that sock, never mind all the worry and not-good-stuff knit into it, so it was really great to see it go.  Next on the blog is a third completed Jaywalker — I have two others exactly the same and I will never, ever knit the fourth.  What was I thinking?  Moving on.

Instead of seeing Mark Knopfler in concert on Saturday night, I continued the party, finally tearing apart and completely frogging my Coup d'Etat cardigan.  There now remain only two Olympic projects — and I want to take one of them with me to Vegas.  Getting there!

3 thoughts on “This is us

  1. OMG! Mark Knopfler. Love him! And Emmylou, too. Thanks for the great video clip. (And. About the frogging. It’s more fun than you expect, isn’t it? Kind of cathartic!)

  2. I’ve been meaning to download more Mark Knopfler for ages! I’m doing it today. One of my old faves is the soundtrack for Local Hero. Loved that movie.

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