Sun and Shade

It was a beautiful day for a drive yesterday!  I rode in a westerly direction with Dawn, of Dawn Koehler Design, to the nursery at Allen's Allenville (not Allenton) Sweet Corn (on Cty Hwy G between US 41 & 45, just outside of Winneconne).  Dawn is helping me focus my gardening efforts this year.  I've been somewhat lackadaisical in that department the past couple of years as my "spare" time has been filled with so many other things!  I'm feeling the spark a bit more and visiting a nice nursery never hurts.

Allen's is especially nice, as is everyone working there.  It's big, roomy, wonderfully organized, and the plants were all amazing — well-cared-for and so healthy.

One of the things that made me happiest was how well organized and labeled everything was!  Every single hanging basket had a label indicating whether it was best suited for sun or shade.  So helpful!!

I marked and left the baskets behind (one for sun and one for shade) to pick up at a later date — in a couple of weeks, mid-May, when I won't have to haul them in and out of the house everyday because of frost warnings.

Have I mentioned that I'm ready for warm?  Sustained, 70F-plus, good 'n' warm?  Well, I am.


Anyway.  I can't wait to go back, and now I have a good reason!!  I'm already scheming planning… an outing with mom/daughter(s)/sibling(s), lunch at Zuppas – I always love lunch at Zuppas!  There's a nearby trail and natural area, too.


My camera wants to go back, too.  It told me.  There are things here that need more exploring, refining.
I don't use many "actions" in my photo developing these days, but this photo screamed "PLAY!"  So I did… play… with action and texture!  Whee!  Happy Thursday!!

3 thoughts on “Sun and Shade

  1. What a lovely outing! Gorgeous baskets you’ve got there, on reserve. I’m ready for some sustained warm days, myself. I think it’s harder to take the cold when you’ve been teased with summer. . .

  2. I’m itching to get gardening again. I, too, have had a few years of gardening blahs because of the move, but I’m excited now that things are starting to come together a bit. I’ve always loved your hostas, Vick, and look forward to seeing them every year.( I love hostas, too…well, I love collecting them!)

  3. It’s snowing here today. I’m with you on craving warmth…continued warmth! Finding a gardening place you can rely on is the only way to go! Can’t wait to do more in our new garden! Good luck with yours.

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