Yay! It’s Friday again!

There's a clematis blooming on the pergola – same place as last year, but there are a few more buds this year than last still to show, as it becomes more established.

I planted a whole bunch o' pansies this year, too.  For a self-proclaimed and unabashed pansy lover, I've been a big time slacker in that department the past couple of years. 

Road trip to the east coast with the hubs on tap for tomorrow — over to Two Rivers (or T'Rivers) and then up to Algoma.  The artists of Main Street Art Works have taken their show on the road and, among other things, we'll attend the artist reception for the "Main Street Road Show" at The Flying Pig.

All of a sudden, I've a millionty-billion things to do and catch up on!

5 thoughts on “Yay! It’s Friday again!

  1. I LOVE pansies. I planted a nice little pot of them and I let the Mogrunt “dead head” them for me whenever we go outside. I like to pretend he’s a gardener.

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