I solemnly swear…

…that tomorrow I'll post photos of something other than my adorable nephews; but tomorrow, as we know, is another day (though only a day away)…

Can you tell that I'm feeling better?!  Yesterday was rough, lots of ups and downs — second, third, and fourth winds (maybe more) – and I was so tired by the time I went to bed last night that I was feeling nauseous.  I slept very, very well, though, and for that I am thankful.

Before I hit the wall, I was working on a few things — including some photos for my sister from JULY (oops!) — and even making progress!

Maddy has decided that she doesn't want the loft or the futon & frame at all, so that saves me a trip.  It's not a bad 1.5-hour drive and I wouldn't mind doing it, but I'm pleased that I don't have to.

Katie finally (after 3 weeks) received the final determination on her totalled car this morning and that whole thing is now in the final stages — with a tiny little pot at the end of the rainbow.  Unsure of what she'll actually look for at the moment, at least she knows where her wallet stands.  It kind of all depends on where life/work will lead… there have been some rumblings along the lines of "Westward Ho!"  That's a whole 'nother thing.  I alternate between unbridled excitement — and memory, as I've been there, uttering those very same words — and taking them in the gut.

Suddenly, there's long anticipated movement in Ali's world, too, and that's a good thing.

Things are coming around, I guess.

4 thoughts on “I solemnly swear…

  1. Sometimes the good things come in the backdoor while we’re facing what’s coming in the front door. May the road ahead be a little smoother for you and your grrls!

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