NaBloPoMo 2010 · Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Thanksgiving

Ten on Tuesday10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving

1.  Family

2.  Gathering

3.  Warmth

4.  Laughter

5.  Cranberries

6.  Potatoes

7.  Pumpkin pie

8.  Football

9.  Leftovers

10.  Turkey soup

We're having Thanksgiving at Annie's this year and there's going to be a house.FULL.of.people!  Mack & Addy will be at the wound-up best, I'm sure.  Rusty's making the pies (pumpkin and cherry), of course, and I'm in charge of sweet potatoes… thinkin' fries.  They're yummy and a little bit different.

I have Friday off, too, and I'm more than ready for a long weekend!  We'll be hanging work in DH's gallery above the coffee shop on Friday for Saturday's opening and reception for a collaborative show featuring the work of our whole family — A Family Affair — for the first time ever.  (Maybe not the last?  We'll see how it goes.)  I'll post about it over the weekend!

One thought on “Ten on Tuesday: Thanksgiving

  1. How I wish I lived closer to the Gallery…I would love to see your family’s collective and individual talents! Enjoy every minute…it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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