This is my "Depression Glass cupboard."  Most of these photos are taken with the front door at my back; the back door is off to the left of the cupboard; the bathroom, laundry room, my studio and our bedroom are over on the right-ish; and behind the cupboard is my kitchen sink.  It anchors the kitchen island at probably the busiest spot in the house.  Oh, the phone is in that general area, too.

A cleaning was long overdue, and it is done.  I found a report card of Madeleine's — from high school — she is now nearly mid-way through her sophomore year of college.  And I found a bunch of coupons that expired in 2009.


What?  I've been busy.


7 thoughts on “Overdue

  1. Good job Vicki, I did the same this weekend and I found some coupons dated the same as yours! Yep, I’ve been busy too!

  2. I thought at first, it was just the cleanup from Thanksgiving. Do you want to come to my house next?
    I loved the pictures of the Depression Glass. My aunt used to collect it.

  3. Beautifully done! I love the bowls atop the cupboard. Now you know why I’ve spent so much time reorganizing “my room”. Cleaning things up is so freeing!!

  4. We did the same and found similar, although the collection of tags from well loved and dearly missed pets was our highlight. 🙂
    I do envy your artistic eye and ability to compose, even your messes are pretty!

  5. I collect (or rather, I used to collect) green depression glass too, the Ballerina series is my favorite! What kind of lights did you install? Mine is in a very dark corner cupboard that I’m planning to line with shelf paper so that you can see the glassware.
    I can’t wait to see your Parcheesi!

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