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First snow

I read about it all yesterday morning… people to the north, south, and west of me reporting snow. There was nothin' by me. Then, at noon, I saw reports of school closing and snowplows passing. Huh. Really?? 'Cuz I got nothin'! Am I living in a micro-climate over here? It started eventually, of course, big flakes falling fast and furious for a bit, not amounting to much. To the west, however, there are many more inches of snow and great numbers of people with no power.

What is up with that? Why are there so many more storm-related power outages all over and why, in some cases, are they lasting for days and days and a week? Stronger storms? Weaker/faulty infrastructure/materials? Have the utilities cut their workforce so much that there just aren't the crews available to deal with this type of damage in a timely manner anymore?

I don't quite get it.

Anyway, due to the pucky weather, I spent most of my day off yesterday in my PJs… most, but not all.

I did some computer work (clean up/prep for upcoming projects), worked out a few of life's problems, made some calls and got things moving… the sun is beginning to rise on a new horizon.


7 thoughts on “First snow

  1. Good question on the power outages! I would love to know why they seem to be happening more often and lasting longer too…. I’ve stocked my pantry just in case – but would like to think it won’t happen.

  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing . . . about the power outages. Did they used to happen but didn’t make national news? Or is there something weirder going on?
    We’ve got snow today. Not sticking yet. But. . . anytime now, I’m sure.

  3. The power outages happen more frequently and last longer because the power companies care more about their stockholders than their consumers. So they cut back on line maintenance, they don’t replace old equipment, and they don’t trim back trees and these things all result in more frequent outages and longer time frames to fix them. I have this on good authority from a friend in the business.

  4. Delurking here…….My husband works for the power co. near you and was sent up there to work last night. The main reason for the power outages are trees that still have their leaves on. The weight of the snow pulls the branches into the power lines. Some of this is preventable, but many homeowners do not allow their trees to be trimmed, until after mother nature has taken care of the branches, and their power lines, for them.

  5. Mergers of power companies, cutting maintenance, which means trees are not maintained throughout the year. It happened here a few years ago right after a merger and major cutbacks from the power company. The CEOs don’t live locally!
    Glad life is moving in the right direction!

  6. hooray for jim-jam days! though i must admit that the snow can stay away. some of my co-workers are still without power after our snow storm two weeks ago!

  7. I just love sunrises on new horizons.
    I came home last night to more snow just north of Madison than there was in Oshkosh. And I’m definitely wearing a winter-suitable coat next week if this keeps up. 😀
    Thanks for the reminder to check on my supply of batteries and candles.

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