Something old, something new

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The test knitting is almost complete! I'm shaping the cap on the last sleeve, will have to re-do the cap of the first sleeve, then wash/block, and sew it all together! It's my first time knitting with hemp – allhemp6 (color 104-charcoal) — and I like it! It's a lot like linen, but there's just a little bit of "give" to the fiber.

When we last saw Saartje's Bootees, they were Saartje's Sleeping Bag!

My sister and her family are starting a big clean-up/clean-out in preparation for a move to Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. South America. The opposite of North America. Far, far away. In July. For two years, at least.


But… it's not about me, is it? I'm very excited for them, I hope I win the lottery so I can afford to visit. I'm going to miss those boys so much. Two years at 6 & 4 is… a long time. They'll love it, though. Soon-to-be little Portugese-speaking kiddos. With a daughter angling for grad school in Glasgow… which isn't any direction of America at all… (she's been doing big-time cleaning out, too)… and friends scattered to the four corners and beyond… oh, why oh why oh why does travel have to be such a pain and so damn expensive?

Thank god for Skype, and Annie might also start a blog — which we'd all just love — and Katie promised to resurrect hers when she heads over the pond.

Okay, shaking it off… She came across these slippers (the first of a few things I'll likely see) and returned them to me. I can't get over how incredibly TINY they are!! Not only that, but they were TOO BIG for Addison (just right for a Berenstain Bear, though).

* * * * *

There's a city-wide rummage sale coming up in about a month and I am VERY inspired by the cleaning up & out going on around me… I'm even this >< close to packing up some Depression glass for consigment at the antique mall.

I read an old interview of the author of The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul yesterday, and it's probably not even the best book on the subject, but I am loving the whole concept.

This is — I might be — serious.

As soon as taxes are finished.


12 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. Wow! The people in your life are in for some big changes! Your life is about to change, too! Wow, again! I hope you make it to Rio (and Glasgow again). Travel is a pain. If they made the airplane seats just a little more comfortable….

  2. Oh the moves of those we love. Those knitting pictures are making me really really want a day to just sit and knit. 🙂

  3. that’s a lot going on… and those booties. oh my. it is hard to believe they’re too big for any real person’s feet! sooo cute!!!

  4. Aw, change sucks no matter how happy it is! But think about the flyer miles you get from each trip to visit folks and all the free trips that can happen. And those booties are still the cutest bootie pattern ever.

  5. Meus deus!Brasil! Una abraca para voces!
    I spent two summers just outside of Brasilia. The people in Brasil are, if I may, an awful lot like Newfoundlanders – wonderful kind hearted people with big hearts and bigger smiles, at least the ones I met.
    Oh, and the food, my goodness the food. Pao de Queijo – Cheese bread – delicious. The churrasco (BBQ!), the cafezihno, the cashew juice, the fruit, my heavens, the fruit… oh dear. You’ve got me fantasizing, remembering, longing to go back!
    It will be a wonderful experience for them, I’m sure. And you NEEEEEED to visit. It’s a wonderful experience. Cross Nova Scotia off your list and add Brasil. It’s worth it.

  6. Well, something new and unexpected to save for – Brazil!
    If you sell your extra stuff it can be the start of the trip fund, right? That’s putting a positive spin on both.
    I think at this stage in life it is easier to let go of stuff, it’s just stuff after all.
    Those booties! The cuteness.

  7. Whoa- That is far they will have backward seasons! How confusing- are nephews ready for Santa in shorts?
    You will need to keep busy. Learn to cook Brazilian foods.

  8. Oh, we do scatter to the four corners, don’t we? I am inspired, too, by your cleaning up and clearing out concept! I think I’ll join you. (But not my desk. . .)

  9. OMG! Tons of change, but oh such good things. I’m thinking of clearing out, too – all the stuff of my lifetime and my mother’s and grandmother’s as well…Who NEEDS IT? (anyone other than me) I’ll second that selling some of your stuff can become part of a new travel fund…

  10. I’m sorry you’ll miss your family… but very excited for them and their adventures. Brazil is my area of specialty… so when you’re ready for the trip – drop me a note. BACC in NYC is one of the best places to get your airline tickets at a discount.

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