Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Beachy

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things To Do at The Beach


  1. Watch the waves
  2. Watch the people
  3. Watch the birds
  4. Take a walk
  5. Take some pictures
  6. Take a nap (or a swim)
  7. Read a book
  8. Read the tide tables
  9. Read your palm
  10. Have fun!!

* * * * * *

Just in time for our latest little heat wave, I took delivery yesterday of about a half-bushel of tomatoes, leeks, onions, peppers, garlic, and herbs with Roasted Tomato Sauce in mind. Yes, friends, it's about that time of year! I'd originally intended to get them this weekend, but there were plenty of tomatoes ready right now! Unless I get up super early tomorrow and get this done while the kitchen is still cool, I'll be chopping and freezing for delayed roasting.

I need outbuildings! I'd sure love a summer kitchen/studio.

That photo was taken six years ago (!) for the ABC-Along; the farm is right on Hwy. 53 in northwestern Wisconsin toward my sister's house. I haven't been up there in a while, but hubby and I are planning a little road trip to the North Shore — Duluth, Grand Marais, likely as far as Nipigon, ON, Canada. We thought of a bunch of possibilities — all the way around the lake, or around another Great Lake, or to Toronto — but I think we'll go up and explore some of the south, west, and north shore of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee.

Anyway, I think we'll go up and then double-back, but return home along a slightly different route — via old stomping grounds, visiting cousins, and my sister's – and maybe even see my nephew play some football (or wam the bench, depending on injuries and depth).

All suggestions for yarn, art, food and lodging around the western half of Lake Superior are certainly welcome!

Web-2012-08-25 07.36.36
Look who joined us at the farmers' market last weekend! Ozzie had a nice, cushy spot in there with the felted wool dryer balls.


10 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Beachy

  1. Here it is time for fall harvest. It seems as if we just planted our spring crops!
    You are always able to find in your stash of life photos a perfect one for the subject.

  2. Yumm…Roasted tomato sauce. I’ll have to go to the farmers market this Sat. and see if I can get ‘not so pretty’ tomatoes.

  3. Betty’s Pies on the north side of Two Harbors; old-fashion diner experience with excellent selection of pies, plan to go early (lunch vs dinner if you can)…they sell out.

  4. Late to comment here, so if you haven’t headed north yet, try to stop at Nanaboujou, north of Grand Maris, MN. I haven’t been there for ages, so I don’t know about the food, I suspect it’s pretty good. The dinning room setting is fantastic–huge stone fireplace and the ceiling painted with Cree designs. Worth the stop if just to see that. It was always one of my favorite places to stay. Great history of its beginnings.

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