Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Goal!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Goals for 2013

1. Taking a cue from my sister Sharon, my #1 goal for 2013 is simply TO KEEP IT TOGETHER. I already know that it is going to be an epic, challenging year, full of ups and downs.

2. I will continue TO EXPLORE DIET & NUTRITION. I am gobsmacked at the results I've seen from the changes I made late last year — from weight loss to the reduction/elimination of pesky physical ailments and problems. Also, the quick bounce-back following my holiday indulgence has been a pleasant surprise. Continuing on this path is a no-brainer for me.

3. I will expand my knowledge TO HELP OTHERS, particularly in terms of their needs, which may or may not be in complete alignment with my own. Everyone is different.

4. One thing that I need to work on for the improvement of my overall health is exercise/fitness, so I vow to RIDE MY BIKE MORE. Due to wedding bells, I will miss the Ride For Nature in Door County this year, but there are more and more bike events, if that's what I want – I really just want to ride more – it was fun riding my bike to Knit Night last summer. I found myself, out of the blue, wishing for spring the other day specifically so I could ride my bike!

5. I will also use my fitness center membership more, particularly in the areas of STRENGTH/POWER & YOGA. I believe they'll be opening/moving the yoga studio in a new-to-them historic, wonderful, and more convenient location, and I'll be all over that.

6. I WILL CLEAN OUT & SIMPLIFY. Again. Some more. Ongoing…

7. I will GO TO RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL! I wasn't expecting to see my sister and her family here during the holidays, and certainly wasn't expecting to leave to visit them in Brazil less than a week after their departure, but there you are and here I go. Come what may (and when).

8. With any luck, I will set foot on three continents in 2013, and CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN SCOTLAND. Truth be told, I'll be more than happy to celebrate New Year's or any other holiday — or no holiday – any time at all — in Scotland. I just want to go again! Since Kate will be there in school next fall, it makes sense to shoot for then.

9. I will KNIT FINGERLESS GLOVES FOR BRIDESMAIDS & THE BRIDE, AND A WEDDING SHAWL FOR THE BRIDE. And I will not wait until the last minute. In fact, I think I'll go home and wind yarn today!!

10. I will SEE THE FIRST OF MY DAUGHTERS GET MARRIED! Ali's friend Kristin gave her the most adorable wedding-planner binder for Christmas, on the cover it said: Keep Calm and Marry Rod! Crazy, fun, exciting!

* * * * *

Ali and I returned to Al Immig's in Sheboygan last Wednesday to see how my mother's wedding dress turned out after cleaning. It turned out white as snow — I don't think anyone was expecting that result! The little paint splotch came away without a trace, and there are only a few minor rips and tears to be repaired; the dress has stays in the bodice, which took on a life of their own and will definitely be replaced; the dress will be shortened just a bit. The tailor undid some of my mother's earlier sewing, resulting in "finding" extra fabric here and there, so the fit is much better and it's really not going to be altered all that much. We'll be going back at the end of March!

June's going to come up really fast, isn't it?


20 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Goal!

  1. I want to let a big squeee at the news of the wedding dress turning out so well! Your list has it all, from helping others, to creating your own excitement and joy. Plus, the bonus is it’s very doable for you! Go grrl!!!

  2. You do have a crazy and exciting year ahead of you and I can’t wait to see the pictures of all the these awesome things! The wedding! The trip to Brazil! And Scotland!! (If you need help with the fingerless mitts just yell, I’d be happy to knit a pair for you.)

  3. I like the fingerless gloves for the bridesmaids idea!
    You can step up north too if you can find the time, you globe trotter.
    Your goals sound so positive and do-able!

  4. Sounds like a big year for you! I’m especially intrigued by #3 as that’s something I need to focus on. I’m usually willing to help others, but I’m afraid that too often I forget or don’t even recognize that my help may not be what they need. Thanks for the reminder and have fun – in Rio and everywhere else!

  5. A full year, and it’s just begun! How exciting about the wedding dress. I think those dry cleaner people are sometimes alchemists.

  6. Fabulous list! You have done Step One in actually completing resolutions by writing them down. Step Two might be to assign some concrete values, like riding X miles or minutes/week, perform X minutes/hours of simplifying/month, whatever.
    /s/ The Queen Of Uncompleted Resolutions
    I am looking forward to reading all the progress towards Ali’s wedding. The dress results are incredible, your shawl and fingerless gloves idea is wonderful — so much to look forward to!

  7. I love that you have goals that are somewhat open, so you can truly explore things that interest you.
    And I saw (on FB) that lunch you had last time you were at the dress shop and was wondering when we would find out what you were up to – now we have some idea.

  8. I know it will be challenging in parts, but wow, the good stuff is really excellent! here’s to travel and fabulous celebrations with family and friends!

  9. Hurray about the dress- how wonderful! I’m looking forward to joining you vicariously on your wonderful journey thru the year. I’m reading all the Paleo books now.

  10. What a wonderful year you have lined up! And it’s so amazing that your daughter gets to wear your mother’s wedding dress. I’m always envious of people whose family holds onto things. 🙂

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