Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Dream BIG!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I'd Do If I Won the Big Powerball Jackpot

1. Assemble my team: lawyer, accountant, cabana boy.

2. Pay off my mortgage and all debt.

3. Pay off my kids' student loans; set up trusts for them.

4. Buy a couple of houses on my street, strip 'em out, and knock 'em down.

5. Quit my job.

6. Buy the hardware store.

7. Buy a lovely penthouse in Chicago or New York or San Francisco. Or all of the above.

8. Buy a place on the west coast… of Scotland.

9. TRAVEL! The Maritimes, Italy, Spain, and Greece come to mind, as do New England, Texas, and Hawaii.

10. Buy a lovely vintage Porsche.

I could go on…

I just read an article, 22 Things Happy People Do Differently, and "Dream Big" was #5 on the list… got that one covered.  😉


10 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Dream BIG!

  1. Dreaming is so much fun! Your list is great. I was thinking we could throw a giant party for all of our blog/fiber/knitting friends – we could pay for everyone’s expenses and just hang out and knit and spin and chat and drink wine and eat and and and

  2. I’ve always joked that the first thing I would buy would be a fax machine so I could fax in my resignation from work.
    I think the second thing would be a cabana boy.

  3. It is really fun to dream big, isn’t it? Love the hardware store . . . and the cabana boy . . . best of all! XO

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