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Right now

Winter is just not letting loose its grip! Nothing about 2013 is like last year, or even "normal." I'm just working at keeping it together day-to-day.

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Bleeding hearts in my garden at this time last year!

With that great set up (and thanks to Kym), here's what's holding together in my life  . . . RIGHT NOW.

Watching: Call The Midwife, Elementary, Blue Bloods; I like Hawaii Five-O for background music and occasional eye candy; loved House of Cards on Netflix; if I had cable, I'd surely be watching Madmen (I just finished a marathon catching-up of last season); if I lived in the U.K., I'd be watching The Great British Sewing Bee.

Reading: Alabama Studio Sewing + Design: A Guide to Hand-Sewing an Alabama Chanin Wardrobe

Sewing! I've been threatening for the past few years to really get my sewing maching humming. I have the pieces for a quilt all cut out and ready to go, but now it'll be a race to see whether that pulls me in before I'm completely overcome by the hand-sewing/embellishing craze.

I recently signed up for Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric: Stenciling, Applique, Beading and Embroidery on Craftsy. Not an inexpensive class, I watched the whole series over a couple-few days on my lunch hour and can't believe how much I learned about sewing! There's a great Donna Karan jacket pattern included in the price, and a one-time discount on kit or project materials from Alabama Chanin. (I took advantage of an even deeper discount on April Fool's Day for some of my materials. I'm in no particular rush, and there's much to do before I needle my thread, so I'll just keep watch for further promotions.) It's the finer details and geeky stuff that has me totally pumped about hand sewing, not to mention a serious Alabama/Natalie Chanin love affair going on over here.

Knitting: Mindless is in order much of the time right now, so another color-blocked Vintage Baby Cardigan is on the needles. I have plans for more!

I should be knitting wedding things. I've stalled half-way on the shawl. I made a mistake resulting in the need to start Ali's gauntlets over. I never quite got the attendants' off the ground… problems with procuring suitable materials… there's still a chance for it all to come together; we'll see. Ali's are the priority.

Listening to: Justin Timberlake. Macklemore. Rhianna.

Thinking about: Alison's wedding.

Dreading: The idea of cleaning out my studio/office/junk room in preparation for a little remodeling project. This little project will result in a big (and overdue) paint job in our living area and some major rearranging of a few spaces.

Planning: An overnighter in Milwaukee next month. A quick trip to Lake Geneva later in summer. Not quite in planning mode for Scotland, but soon.

Celebrating: Small accomplishments and little victories.

Drinking: Coconut water.

Itching to: Go outside without a jacket on; opening windows and doors!

Needing to: Get some things ship-shape for upcoming company. (Some of these projects make me feel like a candidate for Hoarders.)

Organizing: Everything.

How about YOU?  What's up with you?

9 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Small accomplishments and little victories are good when you’re life is such a hub-bub! I’m itching for the same thing you are, but it will not happen for at least another week. Coconut water! Good idea!

  2. you do have some great things going on… and I’ve got a bit of a crush on Alabama Chanin so I can’t wait to see what you create!

  3. Talking about House of Cards, did you watch the original British Series? It is available on Netflix at least here in Canada and it is excellent too!

  4. Oh, you’ve got a lot of Excitement going on! I so, So, SO love Alambama Chanin. I have the earlier book. I want to DO SOMETHING from it. But haven’t quite had the inspirational PUSH I need. (Maybe you’ll provide that push!) And. . . I’ve really got that same itch.

  5. Busy days to end winter and keep you from thinking about the fact that it should be spring. Do you need help with knitting for wedding? I am offering my hands to help.
    It is warmer here but I’m off to Colorado where it snowed this week.

  6. I love Alabama Chanin and have a few ideas myself for sewing except my machine needs repair! The patterns and fabric are waiting, so frustrating.
    Call the Midwife and Elementary and I just finished Game of Thrones Season two. (It got me to the finish line on knitting!)
    I DID go outside without a jacket on – it was 17’C yesterday, whee!

  7. On your way to Lake Geneva, find time to stop in Burlington at Gooseberries Fresh Market and say hi. I’ll be working, probably, but i’d love to talk for a little bit, and show you around!

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