Ali+Rod : June 15th


On the first of June, my irises bloomed!


Reminder to self:  Take this photo from a different angle to include the garage door.

A beautiful peony at Mom's also began to open.

Joining the allium party already well underway.


She has clumps of allium here and there. So pretty!

I was very busy all weekend…

…but obviously stopped long enough to smell photograph the flowers!

Ironing vintage tablecloths for the wedding while waiting on dye pots… "multi-tasking" is the name of the game around here!

8 thoughts on “First

  1. You multi-task beautifully! The flowers, yarn and vintage linens look delightful! I’m rather taken with the tablecloths! Are they all yours?

  2. Irises, yarn, and tablecloths are all just lovely! I’m really loving all your calm, un-frenzied, pre-wedding preparation photos; thanks for sharing!

  3. Rule of thumb (for Minneapolis/St Paul, anyway): irises always bloom the first week of June no matter how early or late the spring was. Apparently that is true for your area, too!

  4. Those vintage table cloths are going to be wonderful for the wedding. My iris have come and gone already but my peonies are in their full glory right now.

  5. Love the vintage table cloths (you seem so calm, and organized, in your multi-tasking…) and the sneak peek at the peony. (Ours are still tight little buds.)

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