Ali+Rod : June 15th

Wedding Photos

I accidentally wrote "Weeding Photos," and it's not far off the mark. Culling through hundreds and hundreds of photos to make a reasonably sized and priced photo book is PURE TORTURE. And, yet, that's how I (almost always) gladly spent most of my weekend.

View larger here (patience).

I didn't even have to take the photos — granted use of the images taken by my niece, J(ena) Schleis Photography – it's still an enormous undertaking. For months I've been promising my mother that I'd put together a book for her of photos from Ali's & Rod's wedding… and I finally buckled down.

Such is the glamorous life in photography: I left the house exactly once all weekend; ate cereal for supper on Saturday, tuna out of a can for lunch on Sunday (and a very late lunch, at that, pretty much negating the need for supper); finished a little knitting, watched 5 minutes of the football game, and now…

Waaaaa! I need more weekend!


11 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

  1. Gives me goosebumps!
    What a beautiful, beautiful . . . wedding; family; setting; photo book. Totally worth every minute.

  2. Just beginning to wade through the photos from Becca’s wedding. Can’t imagine the work it took to make this beautiful book. Lovely!

  3. Pure class, pure joy! Your smile must be ear to ear every time you see how happy and beautiful your whole family is on that day.
    You eat like I do when alone.

  4. The pictures are beautiful!
    I feel you on needing more weekend. I think that something happens on weekends to make it so there’s less time – at least, it seems that way.

  5. What an awesome book! I am sure she will look at it many,many times…such a wonderful day! so much personality and character in everything! What a wonderful day!! (sorry – I said that twice!) 🙂

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