Follow Your…


This is the yarn I'll be using for my Knitting During The Olympics 2014 project — Ysolda's current mystery KAL, Follow Your Arrow. I'm intrigued by all the different variations possible, all completely dependent on the choices made… which arrow is followed.

It's Malabrigo Color 850-Archangel. Ysolda suggested fairly solid colorways — and one of those hanks is definitely "fairly solid." The other is not too terribly crazy & out there with the color variations, and I think it'll be cool to knit them as two colors and just see how it turns out.

I'm also not knitting this completely blind. All but the last clue has been released and I admit to have taken a peek (or seven) at pics in the Ravelry spoiler thread all along. I haven't studied all the choices, so I don't know what it all means, but I do have some definite ideas about shape.

Casting on tomorrow at Knit Night!


My first selfie with grandson. #lovegrows

6 thoughts on “Follow Your…

  1. I was totally considering the shawl today. I should check it out. Don’t have an Olympics project. Maybe I need one.
    That boy is killing me with his cuteness! You’re not too bad yourself Grandma!LOVE!

  2. Such a lovely color way. (I’ve seen it; thought about purchasing; didn’t. But now maybe I’ll really wish I had. . .) Can’t wait to see where your arrow takes you. (And that little babe is just so sweet. So very sweet.)

  3. I have the pattern gifted by a friend and have been watching the clues and spoiler pics unfold before committing. Still a bit on the fence. Love your yarn colorways above!

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