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Eye Candy Monday



In case you've forgotten, it's the Comfy Hooded Jacket by Lion Brand, which I've Ravel'd as the Chunky Hoodie.


12 Weeks. Can you believe it? His hair is definitely coming in on the red side; not anywhere near the red of his mum and Aunt Kate (there was never any debate), but it sure seems more reddish than brownish!


In case you missed the update, it did happen! My finished and modeled transformed tee! All of a sudden, I've become so crazily interested in sewing — more for how and why it all works, and for fit — that I'm learning about how to make a moulage and a sloper! Two things I'd never even heard before last week.


5 thoughts on “Eye Candy Monday

  1. wow, 12 weeks??!! he’s getting cuter (didn’t think that was possible!) as he fills out. your sewing is amazing! and ok, now I’ve read those two sewing words but I have no idea what they mean – I look forward to being enlightened!

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