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Thirty of One Hundred plus Ten


The First 30 of 100 Happy Days*

I decided to begin #100happydays on June 1st because I knew that it would be a tough summer. I knew that my mother was failing and that this summer could be her last. I knew that it would be good for me to find some happy everyday. I could not have known that Mom would end up in the hospital on the 4th day. I couldn't have imagined — sometimes still can't quite believe — that she died on the 23rd.


Ten on Tuesday:  10 Ideas for July 4th

The 4th of July was one of my mother's favorite holidays. She loved decorating. (Period.) And patriotic decorating was especially fun! We always had a BBQ, and we will this year, too. We'll do our best in the decorating & hospitality department, but no one does it better than Mom.

1.  Fly the flag(s)!

2.  Use all the patriotic tableware!

3.  On the grill:  burgers, brats, and hot dogs

4.  On the side:  salads (potato, fruit, three-bean, quinoa, etc.), baked beans, potato chips

5.  For dessert:  homemade from-scratch cherry & apple pie

6.  With ice cream!

7.  Also for dessert:  Karen's famous chocolate caramel bars**

8.  Lots of outside fun — be it soccer, softball, or just lounging in the sun

9.  Fireworks!

10.  Or, for those of us who don't care to do battle with mosquitoes and/or traffic, A Capitol Fourth and The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular!

* On Flickr:  1. Ta-da! This is the best of 6, 2. Mom's house, 3. Oh, gorgeous 3rd of June, 4. My garden… , 5. Home, 6. Sunshine makes me happy, 7. Half Way North, 8. Let there be grass, 9. A busy Vicki is… good, 10. So be it, 11. These three, 12. I love making job site deliveries on beautiful summer days, 13. Knitting break, 14. #thiswouldnthappenwithmargarine, 15. Happy 1st Anniversary to Ali & Rod!, 16. Japanese fern, 17. June 17, 2014, 18. Quick lunch & iced tea break, 19. Tough day, 20. Cousins (first, once removed) meet for the first time. WELCOME HOME to my sister & her family!, 21. Helped this gorgeous happy couple & their families by capturing memories of theitlr amazing wedding day, 22. Gonna have to latergram today, 23. June 23, 2014, 24. My sister & her family closed on their new house today, 25. So happy to have these boys back close to home again, 26. 4th of July shopping, 27. I drove straight home from work today, 28. My first week at the Farmers Market, 29. Prepping for the Fourth, 30. Mom.

**She has threatened promised a "healthier" version… and I sure hope it measures up. (IMHO, some things just shouldn't be messed with.)


9 thoughts on “Thirty of One Hundred plus Ten

  1. Under the circumstances, that was quite a challenge to undertake. Great pictures and good for you for trying to find the happy.

  2. The waves of sadness are great, but they are balanced with happiness of the family you have around you. Celebrate your mother and the beautiful legacy she left you. Happy 4th, Vicki!!

  3. Yes, Margene said it…your family is so wonderful and you will carry your beautiful Mom in your hearts. That circle of life is not always easy, but yours is balanced with so much love.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey this summer! Hope that we can share with you happiness in celebrating the memory of you mom. Being with family and friends help in the travels during this difficult time.

  5. brats! and pie! I LOVE Wisconsin summers!! and know your mom is going to be watching your celebration and enjoying seeing all of you enjoy yourselves. (you must report back if those caramel bars are good AND healthy!)

  6. It’s hard to find happy sometimes but I’m glad you took the challenge and kept at it even in the face of such a big loss. Your 4th sounds wonderful!

  7. I’m so glad you are looking for the happy everyday. I’ve been thinking of you everyday and sending lots of love! Happy 4th!

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