Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Fall upon us

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things To Get My Home Ready for Fall

1. We don't have central air conditioning, so every spring/fall we install/remove a couple of window units. So that.

2. And also putting away the strategically placed circulating fans.

3. The overwhelming majority of the windows in our 130-year-old house are the original storms and screens. So that. (Luckily, there are really only a handful of windows that are ever swapped, and only two doors.)


4. Yard clean up. I didn't do much in the yard to begin with this year, so that should be fairly easy. I don't think it was a big year for the walnut tree, either.

5. Since the installation of my rain barrel, we've hardly used the hose… but it's out there and still needs to be put away.

6. And water to outside faucets needs to be shut off.

7. I usually do a little "spring cleaning" for fall, such as laundering afghans, blankets, duvet covers and comforters, slipcovers, and sometimes curtains and rugs. I do some of that, as needed, throughout the year, no matter the season, but make a point of it now.

8. The Big Sweep — I like to sweep the porch ceilings, walls, and floor clear of leaves and spider stuff.

9. Wash a few windows… also the mailbox, porch light fixtures, and probably some of the siding (spider stuff).

10. Decorate freshly swept porches with pumpkins and gourds!


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Fall upon us

  1. Oh yes that spider stuff is scary. Or you could leave it up as Halloween decorations??? We do have central AC – it’s sitting in my backyard waiting to be connected and ducted. In the meantime we have window units as well.

  2. Your fall sounds positively productive! I need to take your list and use it for my fall cleanup, too. Pumpkins are on my farmers market list this weekend.

  3. I hear you on the spider stuff – they are everywhere this time of year! We only put one window air conditioner in this year and I’d say it’s time to put that away, too.

  4. I love porches in the fall – wrapped up in quilt to ward off the early morning or early evening chill. (but not the spider stuff!)

  5. We didn’t use ANY window AC units this year, but otherwise, my list is much like yours including items 2, 4, and 6 – 10!

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