December crazies

December is only 3 days old and already so much has changed since the 1st. It's always full of crazy, isn't it?


Christmas 1966 – Menasha, WI
Some of our old photos have made it to ScanCafe in the nick of time.

Since my mom died, I haven't said "no" to much that's come my way — taking advantage of every opportunity and living every moment, you know — and happily embracing all that activity and busy-ness in the spirit of honoring and remembering. I got through Thanksgiving okay, and I'm trying to keep that positive spin on all the December madness, too. It's cold and dark, though I've heard a rumor about unseasonably warm weather headed this way and the light will begin to return in just a few short weeks.


5 thoughts on “December crazies

  1. The holidays can be rough. Or they can be fine. My experience with grief is that it’s very sneaky. You will think you’ve put it behind you and then WHAM! something completely unexpected will push you over the edge. The good part is that you recover from those terrible moments faster and they also happen less frequently. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  2. Everyone looks so cute in the matching clothes. My mother loved to dress all four of us the same way, too. Carole’s words are very wise. Hopefully, most of the craziness is full of great joy and fun. Having a good time during the season is a wonderful way to honor your mother.

  3. Sydney and I had a discussion about Christmas lights last night. About Solstice and Christmas and bringing back the light to the dark world.
    Light and love to you in these days are that can be so bittersweet.

  4. that’s a wonderful photo! (I’ve got to checkout scancafe!) hoping the light overcomes the darkness … in all the ways. xo – Mary

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