Weekending: My Little Valentine

Can you believe it? Six years ago, I spent Valentine weekend pouring my heart into cleaning and spiffing the coffee shop as part of the turnover crew when Ali took over operations.

This Valentine weekend was spent with the little guy who stole my heart 13 months ago! I had him all weekend!



Messes were made.

2015-02-14 11.30.31

Cuteness displayed.

He's walking!! We played all day Saturday and he didn't nap at all. One would think that would bode well for Saturday night, but it didn't… he had a fitful sleep, waking every hour or two and I barely caught a wink between. We both got a few good hours before happily waking on Sunday.



Cheerios! And scrambled egg, raisins, and banana for breakfast… a little sampling of each also having made it to the floor.


Tucked in under our respective hand-knit blankets, we had a very nice nap together on Sunday afternoon.

That was a ton of fun!!


7 thoughts on “Weekending: My Little Valentine

  1. I love your wonderful Junah photos – cuteness indeed! I also love all the beautiful handknit and embroidered pieces you’ve surrounded Junah with.

  2. Oh, what a delightful weekend. (Except the sleeping part. That doesn’t sound so delightful.) I’d take a baby-weekend over a spiffing-weekend any time! XO

  3. I see he is at that ‘follow the trail’ stage. Whenever you can’t find them you follow the path of destruction. Cuteness covers a multitude of messes, no?

  4. I saw the movies on Instagram and loved every second. Looks like y’all had the kind of weekends made for little boys and their grandmas (and I cannot wait for mine!) … also, LOVE that bib!

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