The sky was lovely this morning as I went off to work, even through the trees. The sun's reflection in the rear-view mirror was shining in my eyes on the way. Spring is coming!!  There'll be that little setback in the morning light when the clocks "spring forward" in 11 days but, if memory serves, we ought to catch up quick.


I made a few purchases over the weekend (and was a happy enabler for others! ahem). This hank of Malabrigo Arroyo was originally intended for the Knit-in Cowl, but I've instead cast on Tsuwano by Sarah Barbour. It's a knit-flat scarf or buttoned cowl in a simple lace and garter design. I've one repeat in already and I love it!


The gorgeous colorway is called Aguas. I can't wait to choose buttons!


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  1. I can’t wait for the time to change, but I will miss the morning light. Although, we get to see the sun repeat its morning sunrises all over again! It’s finally getting cold in SLC. We might have some winter over the next week…wouldn’t you know.
    Love the new cowl and the color.

  2. Lovely yarn for the new cowl! Will be stunning. Looking ever forward to the lengthening daylight. (Although I hate springing forward. Psychologically, it’s just hard for me. . .)

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