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I was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, but my li'l sister called and she missed me! Kate had the day off on Saturday and had never been to Annie's new house yet, so we drove up for lunch and a quick visit.


Cauliflower, potatoes & carrots, mustard & cumin seeds, mung beans; turmeric gives everything an amazing color!

Annie made Dal (recipe similar to this one) and it was SOOO good. We had fresh-from-the-oven Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, too, and a nice little visit with the whole family.

Addison's gym class is in a "tumbling" unit, so he was up-side down a lot of the time, demonstrating handstands, cartwheels, round-offs. I think he was impressed when I told him I used to do all those things and MORE! Back-bends, walk-overs, back walk-overs, and handsprings. I used to practice in the front yard… usually around the time that Jim Davis would ride around the neighborhood on his bike to deliver papers. Haha.

After reviewing S1 & S2 of House of Cards over the past few weeks, we are now about mid-way through S3. We are pacing ourselves! I'm so glad we re-watched… it's pretty amazing to see those characters develop (or disintegrate, as the case may be).


Baby Buddha Belly

On Sunday, I had Ali bring Junah over for his 1-year photos… he'll be 14 months old in just over a week. Time flies!! He's reading our old favorite, Goodnight Moon. We had him with a few different props, in different outfits, and even in his birthday suit. So adorable.

I spent the afternoon updating Rusty's Oceans and Dreams website. It was fairly significant, too, as I'd never quite got around to doing the previous update. All spiffy now!

And I finished the knitting of Tsuwano! That was enjoyable and fairly quick. It needs a little soak and a light blocking, and some buttons!

What shall I knit next???

7 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Wow! You know how to make the most of every moment!!! (I used to time my front-yard tumbling sessions for just about the time Kevin Brown would ride home on his bike.)

  2. Yum and yum… I always love seeing Junah (and what Charlie’s gonna be up to in a few more months). What an expressive face… and those toes!!!

  3. Oh my gosh – Junah is getting so big! Wasn’t he just a baby a minute ago?
    I was looking at Rusty’s website and I thought of a reason that you need to visit Nova Scotia… The waves off Lawrencetown beach on the Atlantic Ocean AND the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy (where you can see fishing boats tied to a wharf, sitting on the ocean floor at low tide, and floating hours later.)
    Just sayin’.

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