April illustrated

I made a point to take and label (with the date) and post a photo to Instagram everyday last month. There are few things I like more than a photo mosaic! Presenting, April 2015:


1. April 1. Spring is springing. 2. April 2. Decision made; wound and ready. #romimysteryshawl2015 #sophiestoes, 3. April 3. Spent some time with spackle and a putty knife this afternoon, helping my daughter Kate get her first Young Space pop-up art show space in shape for next week's opening!, 4. April 4. "Interwoven & Twisted." Wonderful collaborative work by my friend Pat Filzen & Renee Koch at Art Space Collective. Remindeded of Ruth Asawa's work., 5. April 5. Dude is drinking from a sippy cup (with an assist for the heavy lifting)., 6. April 6. Tis quite a lovely mail day! #alabamachanin #threeirishgirlsyarn, 7. April 7. Unexpected early hour of free time this morning will be spent knitting., 8. April 8. I wanted to knit Junebug's sweater a bit oversized but this might fit him through 3rd grade., 9. April 9. It's been illuminated… and illuminating., 10. April 10. Looking in. #searchlights at #youngspace opening. #youngspaceregen #youngspacewisco, 11. April 11. Lunch with Ali, Junebug, and Ann., 12. April 12. Snowdrops in the wind., 13. April 13. It was great to see all the neighbor kids outside! #sidewalkchalk, 14. April 13. One little bird on a wire., 15. April 15. Sewing up Junebug's sweater., 16. April 16. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Alison!, 17. April 17 y'all. Fresh pedi, sunshine, green grass, 75F or something ridiculous like that…, 18. April 18. The bloodroot cometh., 19. April 19. Work on my worktable proceeds., 20. April 20. Hit the "ORDER" button and called a huge project finished today! Celebrating by cutting out my 1st pair of #madebyrae #bigbuttbabypants on my new worktable and hoping that "baby" pants will still fit my grandson! Using the expansion panel!, 21. April 21. Celebrating birthdays! Maddy's on Saturday, Kate's tomorrow, and Ali's last Thursday. It's a milestone year for one of them and, therefore, also for me., 22. April 22. Thirty years ago today, at 10 pm PST, I began my lifelong journey as a mother. It's the best trip ever, and I couldn't have asked for better companions! Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Kate., 23. April 23. 1985. Kate – 1 day old. #tbt, 24. April 24. #WhoMadeMyClothes Couldn't get a decent photo yesterday, but this is what I wore. #imadeitmyself #Repost @vicki.knitorious, 25. April 25. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Madeleine., 26. April 26. Boys, boys, boys, and blocks!, 27. April 27. Embellished! #visiblemending, 28. April 28. Yellow tulips in bloom!, 29. April 29. Day 3 of Whole30. @paleogrubs Dill & Lemon Baked Salmon in Parchment – so good!, 30. April 30. Tonight's work at Knit/Make Night. #alabamachanin


I'll take photos again everyday in May, because it's MACRO MAY and I love it.


7 thoughts on “April illustrated

  1. I forgot about Macro May – thanks for the reminder! I am so far behind on processing photos that it may be a while before I can pull together my April mosaic.

  2. monthly mosaics are awesome! it’s a great way to recap and remember… love the change of season and all the celebrations from your April!

  3. I need to be more methodical and make sure my photos are labeled (and daily). Love revisiting your month of people, projects, and places.

  4. COOL! I love seeing your month all “charted” out like that. (I may need to try that myself.) (And I always forget about Macro May until it’s started. Never too late????)

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