2015-Black Mountain, NC

North Carolina – Part 2 (Black Mountain College)

After lunch on Thursday, we did a little shopping in town — a resale shop, a used book store — and stopped at a local pub to buy a gift certificate for our phone-finding bicyclist!

By then, it was time for Kate to head to the local coffee shop to meet up with Adam Void and Chelsea Ragan, two artists she's connected with in various ways over the past several months, all with similar interest in BMC. It was a big bonus for us that they had the opportunity to meet.

While that happened, I went to the Black Mountain Yarn Shop!!


I found these three beauties — Traveller by Dragonfly Fibers (from left to right: Black Pearl, Cherry on Top, Dragonberry) — to make Range by Andrea Marquis. The shop sample was intriguing!


And this: Folktale by Fable Fibers… the gorgeous colorway is called Black Mountain!

Just before I could get into any more trouble at the yarn shop, Kate popped in and said that Adam & Chelsea were taking her to the BMC sites at Blue Ridge Assembly and Lake Eden, and would I like to go? Hell yeah.


The former Robert E. Lee Hall, now known as Eureka Hall.


Adam and Kate heading toward the Gymnasium.


Camp was in session!


I insisted on another "tourist" photo.

The campus at Lake Eden is now privately owned, so we didn't galavant much; we were able to see the iconic (and nearly faded to obscurity) frescoes painted on pylons of the building by muralist Jean Charlot.

Adam & Chelsea invited us to their house, and the cyclist called just as we arrived. I went to meet him and retrieve the phone while Adam, Chelsea & Kate visited, took the tour, looked at artwork, and discussed future plans. (Yes, future plans!)

After all that, we stopped at a local grocery and added olives and avocados to our provisions, and had dinner in (as we did most evenings).


It was a busy day!

* * * * *

We made the short trip to Asheville on Friday.


We visited the Asheville Art Museum where, among many other things, there's an installation by artist Sharon Louden. People are encouraged to take selfies there and post them on various media sites, which I did (on Instagram). I tagged Sharon (but not Kate) in the post; Sharon happened to be attending Super Script in Minneapolis — a conference fabulously captioned by none other than Norma! Sharon immediately responded to my post on IG, and then responded to a completely unrelated Facebook post of Katie's in a #Superscript15 group. Katie, who would have been in MN had we not already had plans for NC, was following along with Super Script (all weekend), and I told her that my friend Norma from VT was doing the captioning! It was just the weirdest set of small-world circumstance, taking place in the background in about 3 minutes, connecting us all.


We had a very tasty lunch at Farm Burger. Strolled and visited some shops…


Home Crafts, located within the Historic Grove Arcade, was full of all sorts of fiber goodness! I walked away with a hank of local alpaca.

Swannanoa is a community located between Black Mountain and Asheville and we traveled through there a lot, passing by Okie Dokies Smokehouse every time! The smoker was right out front and there was always something cooking!


So Friday night was Barbeque night! Kate had ribs, I had chicken and pulled pork… and hushpuppies. (When in North Carolina…)


And up the Blue Ridge Parkway again for a lovely sunset!

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “North Carolina – Part 2 (Black Mountain College)

  1. It’s so I there’s ting reading about your trip. I’ve never been to this part of the country. And what a gift to get the phone back! Sort of restores your faith in people, doesn’t it? Thanks for posting both the words and the pictures. I enjoy it all.

  2. I am intrigued by your post from the mention of Range (love your yarn choices), to the Robert E. Lee house, to the gourmet dinner you had “in”, as well as all the other food and beautiful sights you saw. Most of all I was taken in by the Sharon Louden installation. It must have just shimmered IRL and it certainly captured my imagination!

  3. Great photos! Sounds like a wonderful time. We love Asheville and I’ve been to HomeCrafts.

  4. I’ve been to HomeCrafts too! It’s a great day when your 21 year old son surprises you by walking you right to the yarn store! Great stuff here!

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