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Ten on Tuesday: A Drop In The Bucket

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things On My Summer Bucket List

Oh boy, there are so many things and most of summer still sits before us…


1. Dyeing. I've quite a few things in mind to throw into the indigo vat. I'll be doing a dye day with my sister and nephews one of these days, too.

2. Sewing. An Alabama Chanin A-Line Tunic is going to get underway tomorrow, I hope. I have plans to embellish! I have already begun making the pattern for another tunic, and want to make & refine at least one more square-neck. In addition to some lovely fabric, I've an overflowing bin of t-shirts and scraps to play around with — making things for Junah is in mind for some (but definitely not all) of that.


TTL Mystery Shawl 2015 at completion of Clue #1.

3. Knitting. I'm currently working on (and enthralled by) Kirsten Kapur's TTL Mystery Shawl 2015; I will most certainly finish it this summer. I'd also like to finish my Prickly Poppy cardigan (it's slow going, but it's going) and Sophie's Rose Shawlette (it got stuck on a zipper pull in my knitting bag… I am afraid to look).


4. Day-tripping… a visit to Door County will be coming up sometime this summer; it may wait just long enough 'til those blossoms are ready-to-pick cherries! I haven't actually gone cherry picking since I was in about 6th grade.


5. Baseball! I've already been to one Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game for Stitch 'n Pitch, there's a company picnic coming up in August, and we're working on a family outing next month!

6. Cycling. I really want — and need — to get on my bike and ride for more than a mile at a time! We'll miss the Door County ride/beer festival out of Baileys Harbor this weekend, but plan to do the fall ride out of Sister Bay again later this summer.

7. Cooking. I've been trying some new recipes lately, with inspiration from the Whole30Recipes Instagram feed… and I'd like to continue that!

8. Tidying. Life has been busy, but I need to get back to the life-changing magic!

9. Reading. I've printed off a Bingo card, but expect it will last me far longer than the summer. I'm really looking forward to some of those squares! Currently on my nightstand is The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe, which I am enjoying quite a lot, but may have to take a break to read Still Alice by Lisa Genova for book club!

10. Time off-ing. I've arranged a couple of extra days off next week, to start… I am SO looking forward to it, and to using that time to accomplish some of the above!

8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: A Drop In The Bucket

  1. There are a lot of really great ideas and many things to do on your list! I’ll be watching you. 🙂
    I think I need to look at the Whole30 Instagram feed for some new ideas, too. My goal this summer is to relax and soak up the warmth, while knitting and sewing!

  2. I dunno. There are things on your list that sound too much like work to me. Door County and cherry picking sounds wonderful, though.

  3. What a fun list to “guide” your summer! We have some similar plans with enjoying minor league games & #konmari. Wish I could get a Door County day trip into my summer – yay for Timehop to pepper in memories from past day trips among my days!

  4. that looks like an awesome summer (especially once you get past that stuck in the zipper thing, which hopefully won’t even be that bad, right?!) I’m right there with you on the TTL mystery and the books…and I’ll be vicariously enjoying the baseball and the cherry picking. happy summer, Vicki!

  5. Ugh!!!!! I’m working on the TTL mystery shawl, too and I was about half-way through Clue #3 when I noticed a huge mistake that was too far back to ravel down and fix. Then, I noticed that I missed another YO, sk2p, YO at the end of Clue #2. I had placed a lifeline between clues 2 & 3, so I snipped it and raveled down those three stitches so I could fix that mess. So far, I’m keeping up and I hope to continue, otherwise, I have a tendency to not finish KAL projects after I drop out. I guess the moral of the story is to put the knitting down after so much Netflix—I’m having serious dress envy. I would like to make some kind of black jumper thing for fall/winter.

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