Mom and Dad

It's a year today since my mom died.


I miss her everyday… every minute of every single day.

I miss the random phone calls at work: "How do you spell ______________."

Like I'm a dictionary. And I was… for her, on demand.

I miss spending the day together… antique or garden shopping, going out to lunch, checking out this new place or that favorite haunt.

I miss her asking my opinion about things.

I miss asking for her opinion about things.

I miss talking.

I miss cooking with her, helping her prep for a big family meal or a holiday celebration.

I miss everything about her. And I suppose I always will… and that's okay. That's the way it is.

* * * * *


It was Father's Day on Sunday. We haven't seen or talked to each other in a few years… for various reasons, each our own… but I took a chance and called him on Sunday. We had a nice chat.

"We still have Dad."

8 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

  1. These anniversaries are so difficult. And you are right, you will always miss her. BUT. You will get used to it and the pain will lessen and your thoughts of her will make you smile more than cry. Good for your for calling your dad. I hadn’t talked to mine in about 15 years and he died last year without ever getting in touch with me. I will always wonder why and will always regret that I waited for him to make the first move instead of doing it myself.

  2. All those lovely things that you miss will become less painful and more treasured memories of how much you love your mom. My mother has been gone 13 years and there are still things I miss. Good for you for calling your dad.

  3. It’s hard, I know. I felt for my Dad like you feel for your Mom, missing him every day and hearing his voice in my head. What a blessing that you had such a great relationship. I wish I could say the same for my mother, who is the one that is still here. Great picture of your Mom. She was so pretty. You look just like her!

  4. Even though they are not a phone call away, mom’s are always with us. Having a mom as a best friend is a wonderful gift. I still wish I could call my mom, all these many years later.

  5. I think one of the hardest things about losing my mom and then, recently, my aunt (my mom’s sister and my confidante), is exactly what you outlined – the friendship that grows as mother and daughter age.
    And then there’s the awful understanding (and sometimes disappointment) in finding out that our parents are, well, people.

  6. glad you called your Dad, wish I had called mine more when I had the chance, my one true regret….I know he loved me but I really miss him being there even if we did not talk all the time…

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