Pool Days

Before the pedestrian/car incident* on Monday night, I was at (our fabulous) local pool to watch Junah at his first swimming lesson!


He loves the water and did great (especially considering that he'd fallen asleep in the car on the way, so was a little groggy!). There are quite a few in his class, and some are quite a bit younger!

Mack & Addy were here all week for soccer camp, so I grabbed them on Tuesday night to meet Ali & Junah at the pool.



It was a beautiful evening.


Junah even went down the water slide with his momma…




The boys didn't do anything daring, only because they were wearing swimwear-like shorts and were not feeling very secure… afraid of potential "over-exposure"!


I hope we get the chance to do it again!

*Rusty seems to be doing okay, still very sore and moving very slowly… a little spasm/stitch/something in his side early this morning meant that I had to help him out of bed (twice), and he was unable raise his arm very high for a while, but he's loosened up a bit as the morning progressed… and we're all still counting lucky stars. Thanks for all of your good thoughts & wishes!

7 thoughts on “Pool Days

  1. Awesome pool photos, you really captured the movement of the water and the fun you all had being there together. Poor Rusty. I hope he takes it slow. And you, too.

  2. Have Rusty do some easy stretches to keep his muscles from tightening up. Healing vibes his way! The pool looks like a total blast. Junah doesn’t seem to be afraid of the water and the earlier he gets the hang of being “dunked” the easier it will be for him to learn

  3. Love how early we get these little ones into the water – it looks like Junah (and everyone else) had a great time!
    Hope Rusty gets back to 100% soon… sending my very best healing (and patience) thoughts. xo.

  4. What a fun summer evening. Family is the greatest. Hope for a speedy recovery for your husband. I know what you mean about “going there”. I had some terrible moments when my husband was going throug cancer treatment. Luckily I had my sister and son to bring me out of those!

  5. Oh that baby boy! So much fun to watch him do his thing. 🙂 here’s to a restful Rusty weekend.

  6. Your photos bring back such great memories of being (really, living) at the pool when I was young! Glad Rusty seems to be doing OK. I recall that stiffness from a car accident, when “where it hurt” was everywhere. Hope that sorts itself out quickly.

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