Ten on Tuesday: City mouse

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Love About Visiting The City

1. Restaurants.

Web-2012-04-03 13.58.31

We discovered it in 2012 and now, a trip to Chicago doesn't seem complete without a stop at The Purple Pig.

2. Shopping

2012-04-02 09.31.14

…or maybe just window shopping!

3. Architecture

2012-04-02 14.40.30
2012-04-02 14.40.30

4. Sometimes a movie or film that won't ever make it to our neck of the woods.

5. Sites.

Web-2012-04-02 14.49.22
Web-2012-04-02 14.49.22

Cloud Gate and Millennium Park.

6. Events.


7. Friends!


Visiting another city, such as Grand Rapids, New York, Salt Lake City, or Berkeley, sometimes means meeting up with a friend or three!

8. Museums


The boys and Sue at The Field Museum, Chicago.

9. Gawking… um, I mean PEOPLE WATCHING! Haha. There's no better place for it.

10. Options for getting around — train, subway, on foot.


3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: City mouse

  1. You may need to drive or fly to get to a big city, but you certainly have made your way to a few. I’m so happy you came here to visit me and lucky, too!

  2. yes to all those things! Seeing a movie in a big city theater is a whole different kind of experience. I’ve been to several in NYC – truly, it’s an event (which is good – I recall the tickets were way more than I pay at my suburban theater 😉

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