Right Now...

Right now – September slipped away, so October it is!


Humored by… that kid! He started pressing the button and…


This is a small sampling of my current gallery!

Anticipating… the end of Farmers Market season. It's been a great season, and we've been *so* lucky with the weather! While there are technically three weeks remaining, due to other engagements we've only the Oct. 10th market left on our calendar. This Saturday, we'll instead be helping all afternoon with refreshments at the Harvest Festival at Grignon Mansion! The "mansion in the woods" is a real gem.

I'll be happy to have my Saturdays back!


Enjoying… cooler, drier weather and changing leaves and gorgeous skies. We've had an incredibly temperate late summer/early fall. I'm still wearing sandals!


Hoping… the trend continues.

Knitting… Dimorphous Mittens and Scoreboard. I've just ordered a couple of skeins of back-up yarn for my Prickly Poppy — something I've been pondering for a while now — prompted to action by the news that The Village Knitter is looking for a buyer (or will eventually close). That sweater's time out is just about over.


Learning… a little about soccer! I spent a glorious day soaking up the sun and watching my nephews play. I missed seeing Mack score a goal because I was taking video of the clouds (as did his mother because nature called!), but I did catch his even better assist (according to his dad) later in the game!

Needing… to get on with some cleaning and organizing, but not doing that until it's too cold to go outside anymore!

Planning… a spring vacation — maybe by train, maybe to Texas!

Reading… A Woman's Way West. It's not an incredibly well-written book, but it's entertaining and gives a pretty good a glimpse (with lots of photos!) into Doris Huffine's life (1901-1990) in the Montana wilderness. I love stories of women pioneers, and was given this book after the girls had gone on their June 2013 camping trip to Glacier National Park (where Doris began working in the '20s).

Sewing… a simple and "quick" boatneck top that's taking forever! I made a little progress yesterday… maybe I'll finish by the weekend.

Watching… reality shows about singing and dancing. There are some other things recorded/-ing but I haven't begun watching yet.


Remembering… waking up from Tuesday's nap.

Wishing… I was on the road back to Black Mountain with Kate! She left today for a weekend conference and I can't wait to hear all about it.

7 thoughts on “Right now – September slipped away, so October it is!

  1. I love all those pictures of Junah! And the one of him raking the leaves is precious. I remember Hannah at that age wanting to help with everything – too bad that stage doesn’t last, right? Great photos and words today, Vicki.

  2. What a fun gallery with you and Junah! (I need to try that with Charlie – maybe if I let him press the button it would work better?!) and YAY for soccer Aunt. I enjoyed my years as soccer Mom – lots of action, fun with the parents and the kids, and some wonderful time outdoors. Looks like October is off to a great start, Vicki!

  3. We can never have too many Junah photos! The blue skies are beautiful and your nap picture looks so enticing I’m already thinking about one this afternoon myself (even though it’s only 8:30 in the morning!)

  4. Your skies are so amazing! We’ve had great weather this fall, but it ends today, as it is now raining. Seeing the pictures of Junah made me laugh out loud. He’s so fun and curious. He must have had you all in stitches while he’s working with the rake. Too fun! I think I must follow you again as they boatneck top is just the kind of thing I’d like.

  5. Junah! Oh, what fun!!!! He makes me laugh! (And such a helper . . . with the raking and all.)
    Looks like there are great things going on now, Vicki.

  6. I, too, love reading about women pioneers! My daughter lives in Portland, OR and we went to the Historical Museum this summer. I bought a book that has several excerpts from westwarding women’s diaries. I always think that my true era was back then, but having gone through cancer, I’m really glad to be in the here and now! (Another great place that has lots of books about “westwarding” is the St. Louis Arch gift shop.)

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