Slow Fashion October

Slow Fashion Week 3: Loved

At first glance, this week's theme for Slow Fashion October seemed like a no-brainer. Haha. Yeah.

proudest accomplishment / most loved item / most frequently worn item / thing you saved up for / investment pieces / thing you worked a long time on / oldest thing that’s still in rotation


Proudest accomplishment(s): Girl's Dress, St. Brigid, Williamsro, Fibonacci, Parcheesi, Polka-Dot, Hootie, Catamount


Girl's Dress, pattern from Woman's World magazine; ca. 1983, using the most inexpensive yarn I could find at the variety store. (What's "gauge"?) It never fit anyone, but I learned more from it than almost anything else I ever knit! It was my "REVELATION" project!


Alice Starmore's St. Brigid; knit Sept. 2004-Feb. 2005;
at West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, Scotland, 2011.

It was my "Rhinebeck Sweater" in 2005.

I don't actually wear it much anymore and have thoughts of turning it into something else.


Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Williamsro, 2006 Knitting Olympics (US Cable Team)


Fib. What's a woman to do with leftovers — 7 different colors of the same yarn?

My "Rhinebeck Sweater," 2006.


Hootie – Concert T turned Corset, Alabama Chanin style

Most loved item: It's like picking a most loved child… but I'm going to say Parcheesi.


 Janine Bajus' Parcheesi; Apr-Nov 2010, knit with everything;
I use it both as a blanket and as a shawl/wrap

Most frequently worn item: Polka-dot (I love that shirt).


 Two-Week Tee Transformation

Thing you are saving up for: An Alabama Chanin Workshop – learning is good.

Investment pieces: Almost all of the items marked "Eileen Fisher." A fair number of them have been acquired second-hand for a relative pittance, bringing the average price of the pieces I own quite reasonable.

Thing you worked a long time on: Catamount? St. Brigid? Parcheesi?


Catamountan Alabama Chanin A-line Tunic Dress

Oldest thing that's still in rotation: I think it's probably the autumnal Vogue cover sweater that my sister Sharon knit in the early 1990s. It's huge and dense and I wear it more as a jacket in the fall. (A decent photo of that is on my list of things to do.)

* * * * *

Timehop tells me that two years ago today is when I first fell into the Alabama Chanin rabbit hole, having finally been lured in by an adorable onesie and blanket kit… as luck would have it, just a couple of months before I'd become a grandmother!


Have a great weekend y'all!

4 thoughts on “Slow Fashion Week 3: Loved

  1. Oh my. How could you ever think of turning your St. Brigid sweater into something else? What exactly does that mean? You’re not going to take it apart are you? Oh my! It is absolutely gorgeous just as it is… and the work involved. Oh sigh!

  2. The picture of you in Scotland wearing St. Brigid could be right out of a fashion mag! Did you ever think when you knit it you would be wearing it IN Scotland!? I remember everyone of the pieces you’re showcasing and remember the hours of work you put into each one (save the Girl’s Dress). Each one is a keepsake piece. I’ve said it before, but you truly inspire with your view of longtime projects. Parcheesi still blows me away.

  3. I’ve always REALLY loved Parcheesi, but as I scrolled down, they’re all so wonderful that I’m not sure choosing a favorite is so easy. I especially admire how you’ve grown, ventured, learned and continue to learn and create, and I have no doubt that you’ll continue!

  4. what a making story! those two Rhinebeck sweaters, Parcheesi and all the AC pieces. I can’t imagine picking a favorite (but the one of Junah in his AC onesie is my favorite photo for sure!)

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