NaBloPoMo 2015

Marching through time

By now, Daylight Savings Time has ended and most clocks in the U.S. have fallen back an hour. I hate DST, but I won't argue with an "extra" hour today.

I'm starting a new Mystery Knit-Along that will have clues released on six Mondays in a row, beginning tomorrow, Nov. 2nd.


The thing that really got me interested, though, is that it's not only a knit-along, it's a WALK-ALONG, too! My fitness & activity levels have never been all that great, and they've been total crap the past several months, so I'm hoping this will be a little bit of a jump start to moving more.


It's not going to be easy… November in Wisconsin never is! But a very timely NaBloPoMo will help keep me accountable. There's a Ravelry group, as well, and even though I'm still not a big fan of forums, I'll for sure check in there once in a while.


I wound up some Make.Do Realize Sport that I dyed with indigo over the summer. Needles are ready.

There's still time to join in!!

13 thoughts on “Marching through time

  1. Also intrigued…but I really need this honey cowl I’m knitting for my coat! It will be fun to watch you though!

  2. I have two skeins of Chickadee but need 3 according to the pattern. I wonder if I have something else I n use. It would be nice to have a way to be accountable and get my walking in every day. I’m a little lax some days. Maybe we can encourage each other. I’m so ready for a new project!

  3. What a great idea! I hate losing the stolen daylight hour at the end of the day because that’s when I usually walk, but I’ll probably have to give in and do boring laps around the lighted track. Looking forward to seeing your progress, especially with your gorgeous indigo yarn!

  4. I don’t want to clutter up your comments, but I’m back to thank you. I read your post, and initially thought “This is a great idea, but I really can’t join one more thing in November. ” But the pattern info. says you don’t even have to knit the cowl to join in the walking fun, so I think I may join for the walking motivation now (which I desperately need) and save the knitting for later (when I have some sport weight yarn in my stash!) Thank you for the inspiration and motivation!

  5. What a FUN ideas for a KAL! Although I’m tempted to join in, I think I better watch from the sidelines this time. Can’t wait to see where you GO! Have fun.

  6. That KAL sounds interesting, but I already have three projects on my needles and I’m thinking about starting a fourth. I’m on board for the walking though. I’ve been walking for over a month (almost every day) and can’t believe how great I feel. I’ll look forward to seeing how that KAL turns out.

  7. I wish I had known about the MKAL/walkalong. That intrigues me. I have my knitting planned for the next two months, but I can alway try the walking part, lol.

  8. Hmmm….I already walk most everyday, so this is something I think I may join along with you all. 🙂
    So happy you will be blogging along in November as well!

  9. Wow this is amazing to read about everyone’s enthusiasm for walking! Thank you so much for spreading the word about the mKAL and walk-along. I’m definitely going to follow you on your blog this month so I can read about your walking progress. Christina aka

  10. The good thing(s) about walking in November in Wisconsin are:
    1. No deerflies.
    2. No mosquitos (never mind that one I found flying over a snowbank in December that year; clearly, an anomaly).

  11. I love that the KAL is about knitting and moving. What a great way to start the (soon to be) winter. Looking forward to following along.

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