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Shifting Gears


As a supporter of The Alley Project (a nice wrap-up on Young Space), I was invited to last night's exhibit preview of Shifting Gears: A Cyclical History of Badger Bicycling. There's a lot of cycling history here, and Wisconsin is the home of many custom bicycle makers.


This all-wooden bicycle (even the chain!) never made it into production. Heh.


I have been shifting gears, as well. It was nice enough for a bike ride today, but I opted for a walk instead. I am using an app called Map My Walk, and so far:

  • 1.37 miles on Nov. 2nd; in the dark/evening, with Rusty
  • 0.11 mile on Nov. 3rd; checking out the distance to the mailbox at work
  • 1.08 miles on Nov. 3rd; to the library (there was a book due)
  • 2.62 miles on Nov. 4th; the credit union and on to Walgreen's

I almost turned around today when I was finished with business at the credit union, but soldiered on. The weather, while not as sunny as I'd hoped, is amazing. I find that I am much more willing to walk when I have a destination or purpose!


This was at lunch time yesterday; as of last night the first clue in the March Through Time mystery KAL is complete!

7 thoughts on “Shifting Gears

  1. A wooden bicycle? What a concept. I’ve been walking more often and a little farther, too, although today it is 36 degrees! It’s going to take a little fortitude to get out of the house. I like the look of your cowl and I hope to start mine tonight.

  2. I bet that bicycle exhibit was pretty cool. Dale’s grandfather was a professional bicyclist and raced at Madison Square Garden. (A little known fact, I’m sure.) I started my cowl this morning but only had time to do a few rows.

  3. that wooden bicycle chain amazes me…I had no idea wood could “bend” (and of course maybe it doesn’t and so that makes it even more amazing that someone rode that bicycle!) but I digress … kudos for YOUR miles. since I started counting steps, I’ve been surprised how many there are “simply walking” through the day … it’s definitely more than a simple walk.

  4. I’m going to be late to the casting-on part of the KAL, but I’m keeping up with my walking. (The dogs are very happy!) Wooden bicycle! Imagine . . .

  5. I was without my car for several weeks this summer (broken axles!) and found out how many places I could walk to – the drugstore, bank, library, liquor store…I haven’t cast on for the KAL but have been increasing my walking – easy so far in beautiful fall weather!

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