NaBloPoMo 2015

Four-letter word


Not the first flakes of snow that I've seen this year, but they are the first that I've seen gathered upon the ground. Luckily, it's only flurries or showers in today's forecast and no accumulation to speak of.

I started to take a walk with Joe's dog, Gus, today and we didn't even get out of the front yard before Gus & I tangled and I came down HARD on both knees (especially the right) and one elbow. I never let go of the leash, though!! Ouchie. My knees are skinned but not as badly as I suspected (i.e., no blood), there isn't a hole in my new jeans, and Annie & I took our walk, anyway, we just started off a little slower. I got my mile in. #amarchthroughtime

It's probably a good thing that we did that. I hope.

9 thoughts on “Four-letter word

  1. Sorry you got off on the wrong foot, er, knee. You’re right though, unless there was significant injury, the walking after that probably will leave you feeling better tomorrow than if you’d gone home and rested. Hope you don’t have any lasting reminders of your spill.

  2. That amount of snow is just enough to be pretty, but no more than that! If you have some, arnica might help to ward off further bruising and stiffness. Hope tomorrow finds you ready to walk your mile comfortably!

  3. Ouchie is right! You were a trooper to do the walk despite the injury and I hope you can ward off the pain. Icing usually helps me when I taken a fall.

  4. Oops! Sorry for your fall but glad no damage done, save for a skinned knee or two. Take care. No snow here (Washington DC) but this morning, it’s cold enough for a flake or two; alas, the sky is clear!! Yay!
    Have a great day.

  5. Oh, what a bummer! Glad you kept moving after falling on your knee — sometimes just keeping that circulation going really helps. (As for snow? Oh, we’ve got some. . .)

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