NaBloPoMo 2015 · Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Always Thankful

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Am Thankful For *Right Now*


November 2008!

1 – Maddy's coming home tomorrow! I'm looking forward to her help in the kitchen, and just hanging out.

2 – Kate's been a willing walking buddy (when schedule permits)! Those steps are so much more enjoyable with company!

Baby room

3 – Ali's gonna have another baby! She's due in early May and, same as last time, barring some unforeseen circumstance, we won't know whether it's a girl or a boy until then.

4 – Junah's going to be a big brother! That's sort of blowing my mind.

5 – Rusty's work will be featured at a gallery at Todos Santos, which means that…


6 – I could/might go to Mexico again this winter!

7 – Right now, I am thankful for good and patient friends.

8 – Right now, I am thankful for a family that cuts me some slack.

9 - Right now, I am thankful for a good job.


10 – Right now, I am thankful for tickets to Thursday night's game at Lambeau Field! Brett Favre, having already been inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame and his number retired, will be honored during half-time. Maddy will be with us, and I've never been to a game with her! I'll also be thinking a lot of Mom… she'd eat this up. #TH4NKFUL

15 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Always Thankful

  1. Congrats to you daughter Ali and her family on baby number 2….I am sure we will see more beautiful handknits for this new little one. Happy Thanksgiving to you all…

  2. Maddy’s arrival and an expanding family along with the possibility of Mexico are really exciting and wonderful reasons for thankfulness! Have a great time at the game and Go Packers!

  3. Great list of things to be grateful for but of course the new recipient of lovely little knits is the most exciting in my view!

  4. EEEEEH! So excited for you, Grammy Vicki! Congrats to you and to Ali and her family.
    Mexico is sounding quite nice right about now, as the first snowflakes fall outside.

  5. How wonderful to be a grandmother a second time! You have SO much exciting news to share in this thankful post, it’s sort of blowing my mind!

  6. Oh, Vicki! Life is GOOD. And there is much to be thankful for. And I am so excited about the new baby. What happy news! XO

  7. mazel tov to the family on the new arrival. Having family home for the holidays is wonderful.
    Enjoy this joyous season.

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