NaBloPoMo 2015



I gave myself a little break from walking on Thursday & Friday. My knees & leg are doing okay, but it's apparent that those bruises are deep… I just felt like I needed a rest. "Thanksgiving" is a pretty good workout, period.

After doing a little shopping/running around both yesterday & today, I immediately set out for a walk upon returning home. Do not pass GO, do not take of your shoes, just bundle up and get out there!!

Kate came with me today and we did a combo of sidewalks, overgrown footpath, and gravel biking/walking path (an old railroad bed). It was a lovely time of day!


5 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Glad you could get out for a walk, especially because I love that Queen Anne’s lace photo! I think it’s even prettier than the white summertime blossom.

  2. Your photos are fabulous and what a gorgeous blue sky! We still live with our wall of gray and a bit of micro-snow. It’s great you know when to take a break and how to get the move on again!

  3. Wonderful pix. Glad you could walk. Those injuries will take a long time to heal. A hot tub would be helpful.

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