I drove to Waupaca on Saturday to pick up a store display fixture and, by then, was 2/3 of the way to visit Maddy. She happened to have a break in her day, so I met up with her at work – enjoyed an on-tap Point Root Beer in a frosty glass while I waited — and she took me out to lunch!


They were decorated to the hilt at Sentry World! I loved this tree inside the restaurant, PJ's, adorned almost entirely in knits!


After a slow start and a very relaxed morning on Sunday (reading the paper, even), I went to the shop in the early afternoon to rearrange some displays.


I finally sat down with some mending on Sunday afternoon. I've been walking around with a badly torn seam in my coat for who knows how long (and it was worse than I thought), and also fixed and reinforced the bottom zipper area that was coming apart on one side. I moved some buttons around on another jacket after one broke a while back. The buttons look vintage and I doubt they're original… there's no way I'm going to find a match, so I just relocated the rarely used bottom one.


We hauled our own tree up from the basement! There are some strings (half-strings) not working — though as I fluffed the branches, some were magically illuminated! I made sure all the plug connections were secure. Still, I balled up one non-working half and stuffed it in the middle of the tree. (Yes, I did.) I remembered that I'd picked up two add'l strings last week and I suppose I'll put them on (at least one of them) to fill out the middle area. And perhaps I'll psyche myself up for a complete re-do next year. It's been a while. It's just… darn, that job takes a whole day and a sacrificial pair of leather gloves.


All weekend, we munched on Jordan Almonds (a yummy little present from Margene!) (we love that they're from the Salt Lake Film Society!) and local chocolates that were part of a gift from Friday night's Christmas party.

Oh, and another movie! We saw SPOTLIGHT on Saturday night and, while one doesn't exactly "enjoy" a movie with that type of subject matter, it was very well done.

9 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. That root beer looks divine. There is just a world of difference between great root beer and run-of-the-mill root beer. Although after working on a hot day, any root beer is a happy thing.

  2. Mmmmm. I love good root beer! You’ve just reminded me . . . I have a big(ish) pile of mending to do. (Somehow, I always put that chore off. But then always feel so good when I’m finished.) Your tree . . . I love the lights. And I can’t quite imagine where you’d put any MORE! 🙂 We saw Spotlight this weekend, too — really liked it!

  3. On-tap root beer is the best! I love it when a brewery will make their own. I remember you did a little hiding of non-working lights last year, but I don’t blame you for not wanting to go through a whole redo. What a job that would be!

  4. I love that knit tree! I think I have some old felted sweaters I could sacrifice to make some ornaments like those (for next year if I remember!) Your tree looks lovely and bright already!

  5. you had me at the knit ornaments (thankfully AFTER the mending…which I need to do, but somehow it always ends up at the bottoms of the pile).

  6. As for gloves, might want to consider the Gorilla Grips, found at Hardware stores. Palm and fingers are grippy but the back is mesh so you don’t sweat. They also come in various sizes (I wear a small and I have very small hands) and are tough. Might not be sacrificial at all. 😉

  7. All of the Christmas here is beautiful! And that movie hits closer to home than I’d like – it may be a must see this weekend.

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