FO: TTL Mystery Shawl 2015



Once again, a project that's been finished for an embarrassingly long time save for the weaving in of ends and blocking.


I didn't pin this out, either; I simply washed it and artfully draped it to shape over my wooden drying rack.


There is no time right now for any more than that!


Also, I couldn't find my Block 'n Roll mat! (My workroom is approaching Code Red, and I'm looking forward to the reclamation project in there.)


It's very big, and would be even bigger had I really given that mesh a stretch. I love how these two colorways play together!

8 thoughts on “FO: TTL Mystery Shawl 2015

  1. Liz was worth the wait! Your colors are so fabulous! And, what is this? Rays of sun, no snow anywhere in sight? I’ve been wearing my Liz because she is big and warm. Enjoy!!

  2. I haven’t blocked mine yet, either and I finished it ages ago. Thanks for the reminder! Yours is beautiful, I do love those colors together.

  3. Code Red. Laughing so hard. (And can so relate.) Anyway, I think your version might be my favorite! I just love the way your colors worked together. So lovely.

  4. FABULOUS!!! those colors do play quite well together don’t they? I hope your weather is kinder about wearing a newly completed shawl than mine is 🙂

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