"Sew," he said, as he climbed up on the chair by my sewing machine.


That was after he'd already dragged a chair over to the sink to help Grandpa with the dishes!

We also did the second load of "wash" (at his request) in as many visits. He loves to push the buttons on the washer and helps transfer clothes from washer to dryer. It's so funny how he tosses/throws them in… obviously Ali & I have similar technique! Hilariously, he carried the laundry basket with clothes from the dryer into the living room (it wasn't FULL), but that's where the modeling of behavior ends — unless they do laundry altogether differently at his house. Contents of the basket started flying, and there may have been underwear worn as a hat. Heheh.

This little boy…

  • He loves looking at a box of photos I have; he says, "Baby!" and, of course, the baby is him! Then he sees one of our selfies, and says, "Nona."
  • If I don't respond quickly enough when he calls, he's begun to shout, "NONA!!" And sometimes his little hand, with index finger extended, is wagging at the wrist as he points out and communicates his desire.
  • There's a new little gallop-y skip in his walk when he's excited.
  • Photos on the fridge are endlessly fascinating. He says, "Mock," and once in a very rare while he'll say "Addy," but those sounds – Maddy, Daddy, Addy — are still getting worked out. He calls his daddy "D."
  • The energy! He runs and spins and jumps.
  • The humor! He was born into the right family.  :)

7 thoughts on “Observation

  1. How fun to see him turn into on of you and know he is yours! The mimicking behavior would be a hoot to watch and I can almost see that little skip in his walk. Two is a great age!

  2. I love Junah’s energy and how he wants to try everything. If only the willingness to do household tasks continued into their teens and twenties!

  3. How wonderful! I imagine every day is An Adventure. I’m so happy that you get to be Right There — in his life nearly every day. XO

  4. He is learning and growing so fast, it’s nice to have a record of RIGHT NOW. especially when right now is such a cute and endearing phase! looks like the Terrible Twos might not be too terrible!?!

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