By hand

The art historian/curator in the family has been doing some research along the lines of art+craft, among other things, and books have been regularly arriving in the mail. The other day it was this one:

Flipping through the pages, I saw this image:


I said, "That looks like Alabama Chanin."


Purposefully flipping a few pages back, I found that it most certainly was… or, rather, the original Project Alabama that grew to become Alabama Chanin.

I was so excited to learn that the AC skirt kits that Annie & I ordered have been shipped! With any luck, we'll have them in-hand by next weekend.


Meanwhile, my research in regards to these lovely Habu tsumugi and linen yarns led me to make my first Ravelry purchase of 2016: The LOLA (sweater) by Tante Sophie, aka Ina Braun. The pattern has a bunch of options, a bunch of yarns have been tested/used, there's a bunch of notes and, best of all, there's Ina. She was very helpful and generous in giving me some "how to" tips last summer during Auntie Camp when I was teaching the boys to knit, and she continues to be very helpful and generous in giving me guidance in how I might best use these yarns for the type of fabric and, ultimately, the sweater that I want.

House/kitty sitters have been arranged and I'm off to Chicago today for a long weekend with all three girls! It's going to be delightfully warm (58F!), but it also looks as though The Windy City will be living up to its name.

8 thoughts on “By hand

  1. That looks like an interesting book and Habu yarns are always interesting! I hope you and the girls have a really wonderful weekend; I’ll look forward to photos, food, and stories!

  2. One of our SnB girls, Monica, helped Ina with her test knit of Lola! It’s a design you’ll love wearing (methinks). How wonderful to have a weekend with all three of your girls! We had the wind yesterday and it was fierce. Hang on to your hat!

  3. I will be interested to see what you do with those gorgeous Habu yarns! I think everyone could use a TanteSophie! While we have never talked, you inspire me so much, as I think you do for so many other readers!
    I hope you have an absolutely spectacular weekend in the Windy City!

  4. Hope you’re having a wonderful time! can’t wait to see more of your makings by hand…that sweater pattern is going to be stunning in the Habu.

  5. If I had gone on to get my doctorate, my dissertation was going to be something about the social aspects of knitting/crafting. That book looks like it would have been a help!

  6. LOVE the Lola sweater. I saw it out “in the wild” when I was visiting Margene (actually the bright pink one on the Ravelry page there) and it was great. It’s been hovering at the top of my “to-knit” list for awhile. (And . . . eagerly awaiting the AC package here, too!)

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