My Kind of Town Chicago Is


Way back before Christmas, it was decided that while Rusty was traipsing around the west coast, we'd have a girls' weekend in Chicago. Maddy's never been with us on previous trips, and we all looked forward to a fun few days together. We put our heads together and came up with a pre-baby, pre-spring-craziness date that would work for all of us and booked an Airbnb 44th-floor corner apartment with FABULOUS views of Chicago, including Marina City and Sears Tower, and within walking distance of everyplace we'd want to be. (I know it's not called that anymore, but I can never remember… Sears Tower it will always be to me.)

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we hit the road and pointed south. Arriving just after noon, we parked the car and headed off for lunch at The Purple Pig. There's only one time since we first discovered that restaurant that we haven't eaten there — we love it, and it's definitely a treat!


The weather was fantastic!

We checked into our apartment after lunch and then hit a couple of shopping spots that the girls like — Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, etc. We stopped at Eataly on the way home and stocked up on meats, cheeses, bread, olives and beverages, and had a relaxing night in on Friday night. We've watched (and anticipated) Eataly in Chicago for a while now and it did not disappoint. Next time, we'll definitely have a meal there! Shopping was a real treat with so many terrific choices.



Selfie City @ Cloudgate!

On Saturday morning, we walked through Millennium Park on our way to the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the big draws at AIC was the Van Gogh's Bedrooms exhibit (and not just us, the exhibit is drawing record-setting crowds!).


There was a lot to see, and I'm sure we didn't see half of it.


It was fascinating (if a bit crowded) to see the paintings together, of course. Ali posted the comparison, above, on Instagram; and there was a great video as part of the exhibit that zoomed in to the same place on each painting at once to closely compare the differences in each. Those paintings are "all the same" and yet so very, very different.


Apparently Vincent kept a small red lacquered box full of wool (replica, above) that he used to play around with color while he worked.


We were also very excited to see The New Contemporary.



It's a wonderful exhibit! I was apparently quite focused on color and texture as presented by Mark Rothko, Joan Snyder, Jackson Pollock, and Robert Rauschenberg (sock!). Ha.

Kate also wrote about our visit to AIC on the Young Space blog, if you're interested. (And more pictures!)


See? Beautiful weather!!


We lunched and shopped our way back to the apartment, then walked to Cantina Laredo for a lovely dinner. There was a selection of menus in the apartment's welcome binder and this one had a 5-star rating, so we decided to give it a try. It was delicious, and we loved the guacamole made table-side.

We had a fun stop at IKEA on Sunday as we made our way home, including lunch for the first time ever — Swedish meatballs! Kate's Subie was packed to the gills.

Yeah Chicago. 'Til next time…

10 thoughts on “My Kind of Town Chicago Is

  1. LOVE the selfie of you all in The Bean. Your trip sounds delicious and full of fun. Last I was in Chicago I was fortunate enough to see a Monet exhibit, including a room full of his waterlily paintings. The Bean wasn’t there in the mid-90s, but I wish it had been!

  2. You girls made all the elements of a great get-away happen – food, shopping, great stuff to see, and the fun of doing it all together! Your photos are absolutely wonderful and I love Vincent’s red lacquered box idea. I’m glad you all had such a great time and thanks for sharing it!

  3. Back when both sons were still at home the three of us made a trek to Chicago to the AIC. We got a room at a high-rise hotel on the south end of the Loop (Hilton? Ramada? don’t remember) with a fabulous view of downtown for $80/night. We scoured the AIC, each on his or her own; we ate at a Greek restaurant and had flaming something; and had a wonderful time. ::sigh:: I wish we could do it again.

  4. Have you noticed when you stand under The Bean and look up, you are not looking at a mirror image? Way cool! Love Chicago, and Sears Tower it will always be to me, also!

  5. ah, sigh… weekends away are wonderful, but a weekend with all the girls…priceless. looks like y’all added a bunch of happy – and colorfully artistic – memories to your pile!

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful girls weekend- My 3 girls and I love to have fun like that. Van Gogh is my fav artist. What an interesting exhibit. You had exceptional weather luckily. Your photos were so vivid and made me smile.
    I also keep calling it the Sears Tower.

  7. I love Chicago. So glad you all had such a fabulous time! (I can imagine the crowds at the Art Institute. Oh, well. So worth it, I’m sure.) (And it will always be the Sears Tower to me, too.)

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