2016-Oregon Coast

I went to Oregon (Part 1)

I flew out to Arcata, CA, a week ago to meet Rusty and accompany him on the last leg of his West Coast trip before he turned the car for home.


I arrived on Wednesday evening, and we hit the road on Thursday morning.


First stop, though, was the World's Largest Totem Pole (not tallest) in McKinleyville, CA.


Second stop was breakfast at the Seascape Restaurant & Pier at Trinidad; Rusty's mother used to like this place and there's an old photo of her standing by a whale-shaped sign that pointed the way. We happened to be among the first customers to enjoy first-ever major renovations! It was pretty spiffy, and the staff was giddy.


We also visited the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse.

Our destination by day's end was Yachats, OR — 5.5 hours away — and lots to see along the way!


Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA! There are a few Paul Bunyans in WI and I just had to see this one (plus, it was right on the way).

I was expecting nothing but gray skies and rain on this trip, so imagine my delight at this:


I even had to wear sunglasses!


It was wonderful! The sky & clouds were ever changing, even when it was raining. Sometimes we'd experience all the weather in a very short timespan/distance.

One of our favorite stops — and Must See on Rusty's list, especially since there was surf — was Shore Acres State Park at Coos Bay.


It was dramatic, moody, broody, amazing, and utterly gorgeous! Those rocks — the angle of those rock ledges jutting toward the sea, and other formations — blows my mind.

We stopped in Florence, too. Rusty's dad is considering a fishing/canning operation there. It's a cute and historic town, with lots of fishing and shopping — and antiques! I didn't recall that there were so many antique shops/malls along the coast.

We finally made it to our cozy cottage near Yachats just as the sun went down, and then went in search of dinner. I highly recommend Luna Sea Fish House if you're ever there — the food was great, the service spectacular! We were lucky to nab one of the last servings of marionberry cobbler. Mmmm.

To be continued.

16 thoughts on “I went to Oregon (Part 1)

  1. What a wonderful travelogue you’ve written for us! I’ve been to most areas of the country, but not Oregon and the Pacific Northwest — it’s gorgeous in so many different ways! I love the sky, clouds, colors, mist, waves, surges, jutting rocks, spray, just all of it in the third photo from the end. I’m anxiously looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Thank you for sharing amazing pictures of the sea and surf. I have been all up and down the coast but not OREGON! I really must amend that. I good friend lives in Cannon Beach and is begging me to visit. Why haven’t I? My choice would be to follow you around to all the delicious places you find to eat. It sounds like you and Rusty had a great time together!

  3. PNW is one of my favorite areas to visit. I’ll be making notes as you go. Of course, my pictures would never show the scenery and elements off as well as yours.

  4. I just visited Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula for the first time last month. It was beautiful and the coast was just breathtaking! Got to explore Oregon when I get a chance. I remember seeing a huge Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in Bemidji MN on a road trip.

  5. Just GORGEOUS! Wow-oh-wow-oh-wow-oh-wow GORGEOUS.
    (You lucky-duck — marionberry cobbler is The Best.)
    (And I love finding Paul Bunyans. I was intrigued as a child, and the nostalgia is powerful.)

  6. We didn't spend much time in Coos Bay, but more than if I hadn't tried a yarn shop stop! Alas, the lights were on, the OPEN sign was lit, and it looked very intriguing, but the door was locked with a "will return at 4:30" sign in the window… it was 4:45 and posted closing time was 5:00!

  7. Glad you saw a little sunshine! It stopped raining here in Portland yesterday, and this morning it was foggy and now the skies are blue! Planning a walk on the waterfront tomorrow because the cherry trees are blooming! (Just looked back and there are a lot of exclamation points in this comment. I get giddy when the sun comes out!)

  8. I’m so envious. You’re in my favorite part of the world. My son went to Humboldt State (in Arcata) and now lives in Eureka. I get up to visit him every chance I get. If you haven’t already been there, I highly recommend Patrick’s Point State Park just a few miles north of McKinleyville. There are easy walks/hikes to cliffs that jut out into the ocean beyond the surrounding breaker lines, so you can look back and see the waves breaking on the surrounding coastline. It is awesome. I hope to move up there some day.

  9. what scenery…what SURF! the Pacific Ocean is the best for both, I think. I hate to travel with Marc on business – but maybe that’s because he never goes to pretty places and makes time for me 😉 Can’t wait to see more!

  10. Coos Bay! Back in 1972 my girlfriend and I were on a three-week road trip, and we arrived in Coos Bay with the gas gauge reading “E”. This was during the gas crisis — remember that? — and there was a line of a couple dozen cars waiting to fill up. We decided to turn the car off and push it while we were in line, in hopes that someone farther up the line would take pity on us. (Didn’t work.)

  11. I live in Massachusetts and am fortunate to be able to visit the coasts of RI, NH and Maine quite frequently. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it to the Pacific Northwest, but your pictures and descriptions along with those of a friend who visited Oregon last fall, make me think I need to move a trip up a bit on my bucket list.

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