2016-Oregon Coast

I went to Oregon (Part Yarn… um 2)

Arguably, there are more yarn stores per capita in Portland, OR, than any other U.S. city, but I knew that I wouldn't have time during my trip to visit even one! So I did a little research and made a short list of coastal shops.

My Yarn Shop – Coos Bay, OR


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to shop at this store. The lights were on and OPEN sign was lit, but the door was locked and there was a "Will Return at 4:30" sign in the window… it was 4:45, closing was posted as 5:00, and we didn't have time to wait (time to shop, yeah, but not to wait). I tried the door a few times, and then once or twice more (I really wanted in), before we moved on. I include it because it looked like a great shop!

Yarn For All Seasons – Newport, OR


This one was a little trickier to find, tucked into a larger tourist-y shopping center, and the GPS pin was just a bit off. It was worth finding!


Twisted Sisters "Happy Kids" yarn + onesie: There's a baby on the way!

Noro Silk Garden: for an entrelac scarf (the one I made for Mom in similar colorway has never turned up). My LYS doesn't carry Noro yarns anymore (supply chain frustrations), but I'm hopeful that they will again.

Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails: I wanted them ALL!

In The Wind Yarns – Lincoln City, OR (Gleneden Beach)


This is a lovely shop, located right across from Salishan. The shop owner was working on a shawl by French designer Cailliau Berangere called Bryum — it was at least the third or fourth she'd done, all in different combos — and I fell in love!


I bought some Noro Silk Garden Sock and Malabrigo Sock for the task.


PDX shops are on the list for our next visit!

10 thoughts on “I went to Oregon (Part Yarn… um 2)

  1. These shops are all charming and the yarn you got is wonderful! I really like the yarn and onesie combination and those Unicorn Tails! I’ve resisted them so far, but now I’ll be sure to take a good long look when I visit The Loopy Ewe this summer. Just beautiful!

  2. I always enjoy visiting yarn shops when on vacation – sounds like you found some great ones! Love that Bryum shawl pattern, too!

  3. Lovely shops. We did the coastal route on our last trip but somehow I didn’t find time for any yarn store until I got to San Francisco…. I think it was a result of the yarn I bought in Vancouver just before we started….
    A few months back I went into a yarn shop in a small city north of Toronto to look for something specific (I think it was some needles) and found a huge yarn sale. Those Unicorns were half price or less = I am a proud owner of all the colors they had (almost all 30 I believe)!

  4. A road trip could be in order because you found so much more to buy than I’ve seen around here. Creative, charming, and packed full of good stuff yarn shops must gravitate to the PNW.

  5. Charming yarn shops! (There used to be a yarn shop in one of the Lake Michigan shore-towns near our cottage Up North. I always wanted to visit — and, in fact, made several specific trips during their posted business hours. But it was always, always NOT open. I’ve given up now. . . )

  6. I love yarn-y souvenirs that become FO souvenirs … eventually 😉 that onesie and the matching yarn is my favorite. how fortunate there’s a baby on the way!

  7. Love the yarns you picked for that shawl. Please post a picture when you finish. I would love to see how it turns out. That color combination may be the thing that pushed me over that edge!

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