Weekending: Easter +/-



Thankfully, we didn't get as much as we could have (or as much as those a bit to the north of us got), but combined with the slippery roadways and high wind, it was enough to call it a very welcome SNOW DAY!



Rusty called from the vet on Friday morning with GOOD NEWS! Our lovely Roxie had been diagnosed with cancer of the mouth a couple of months ago; she'd lost an incredible amount of weight and was losing fur like crazy. Cancer treatment was expensive and results (length/quality of life) highly questionable; instead, we changed her food to something easier for her, considered her in "kitty hospice," and have kept a keen watch. Since then, she's maintained her weight (within .2 lb.), still loses fur but not as bad (I'd bought a stick vac to keep up!), and has continued to be her sweet little self! (Junah loves her… calls her "Rock-keys.") Recently, she seemed to be slightly more bothered about her mouth, and it seemed a good idea to get a read… we prepared for the worst. Turns out, the "fast-spreading cancer" had not spread at all; so, said the vet, perhaps it's not cancer but a bad infection instead! No question, we decided to try the steroid/antibiotic combo and she already seems to be improving. Please think good kittie thoughts!!


Friday evening: Duodenum Live Performance at the Young Space "Remote View" pop-up show in Green Bay. (Everything I do, I do it for YOU!) What a hoot.



I hung out with this kid for a while in the morning, playing with balls and blocks and cars & trucks of all sizes.

After that, I stopped in at a local library to do a little stitching with some crafty friends for an hour before heading to the grocery store. Um, yeah… Saturday afternoon before a gigantic holiday. Truthfully, I rather enjoy the excited energy of the grocery store on days like that. I had a thorough and organized list and the store was well staffed, so it was relatively painless.



New traditions? Maybe… something(s) new, at any rate. Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cake and Veggie Lasagna, recipe compliments of our friend TJ, were on the menu yesterday. That cake recipe has been on my list forever, and I'm sure it was one of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest. TJ made the lasagna for dinner on our last night in Portland, and it was fabulous, plus, you've just gotta love a recipe that starts with "eyeball your vegetables"!


The lasagna was nearly demolished… it was so delicious!! And the cake was half-gone before I thought to take a photo. I didn't have the size/type of pan, so there was some spilling over of batter that burned on the bottom of the oven, and my frosting turned out a bit thinner that I'd have liked, but none of that really mattered. It was so good!!


I completed stitching on the second panel of my Alabama Chanin skirt! I'm looking forward to cutting both panels, and prepping the last two panels. I'm hoping to have this skirt finished by May 7th so I can wear it to Rosanne Cash's concert!



Timehop has been very good with the reminders of late!! I can't believe that our amazing trip to England-Scotland-Wales was 5 years ago.


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7 thoughts on “Weekending: Easter +/-

  1. I can’t believe your GB trip was 5 years ago, either! Time flies. Your Easter dinner sounds so good! I visited the store on Easter and there was nary a soul in sight. Wouldn’t it be cool if Rosanne noticed your skirt amidst the throngs!?!

  2. Oh, sending excellent kitty recovery thoughts. It’s always hard when it’s time for them to go, but if it isn’t really time just yet then recovery would be great. They are such a part of our families!
    That cake looks TDF. I’m thinking it might get a spin as a birthday cake here in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That was 5 years ago? NO way! Your weekend sounds wonderful. We had mostly traditional Easter dinner stuff here but I did make a new-to-us veggie casserole that was pretty good. I like that we can mix up the menu on Easter and no one minds – unlike Thanksgiving! Sending good thoughts for your kitty, too.

  4. Five years . . . WOW. That time really did fly! Sounds like a full and delicious weekend, Vicki! I kind of missing playing with trucks — and the trains, too. . . (Eyeball your vegetables. I just love that.)

  5. That cake looks absolutely delicious and your skirt looks absolutely great! I also miss those fun car/truck playing days. Sending oodles of good kittie thoughts!

  6. sending all the get well kitty vibes…and figuring out when that cake and lasagna might fit into our menu plans. love the truck phase…aren’t we lucky to have BOYS this time around 😉

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