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Sewing and Knitting and Cooking and Sky-watching



Oh.My.Word. I am so in love with this Alabama Chanin swing skirt project!


I don’t remember whether I mentioned it here, but I was SHOCKED when I opened my kit and found Burgundy & Dark Grey (exactly what I ordered) instead of Dark Grey & Dove (which is what I was going to order right up ’til the last minute, when I daringly changed my mind).

There was nothing to do but DO, which is exactly what I did… not only is it a work-in-progress, it is also a design-in-progress.


One thing’s for sure: these colors are working for me!!


Well. I finished a pair of Dimorphous Mittens a while back (except for buttons), and still have my Scoreboard Cowl to finish, but hadn’t been too inspired to knit much lately (or have been more inspired to sew). But now…

  • I am well underway with Romi’s Mystery Shawl 2016. I had to find & fix a little mistake at the end of Clue 2 last night (employing all the stitch markers) to keep on track!
  • Casting on of LOLA is imminent! I will be knitting this sweater in pieces, and beginning with a provisional cast-on (keeping options open… because designing as I go seems to be A Thing). All the materials are gathered and I’m finally ready to go!


  • I’m not sure where Werifesteria will fit in, but it’s not the knitting that I’m most interested in at this point, anyway. This is the second mystery Knit-Along/Walk-Along presented by Christina Campbell and I thoroughly enjoyed both aspects of the first. A March Through Time is probably my most-worn winter knit this year! Mostly, though, I am interested in the motivation to get out and walk this spring. Let’s go!! (By the way, this KAL/WAL begins tomorrow! It is automatically 20% off through 3/31 — that’s today!)

COOKING (and Eating)


Beef & Lamb Meatballs over Green Pea Risotto a la Plated. Yum. Our box also held the ingredients for a wonderful skillet-roasted chicken with some fennel and potatoes.


I had Fish Tacos at 5th Tuesday Knit Night; also in the frame are pub fries, a grilled veggie sandwich, and tortellini with portabello mushroom. Also yum. I really need to expand my horizons beyond the tacos at this establishment, but… SO GOOD!



Arriving at work – view to the east – March 18, 2016


Arriving at work – view to the east – March 22, 2016


Arriving at work – view to the east – March 29, 2016

The weather has been decidedly chilly, dreary, gray, and wet and looks to be that way for a while (perhaps even some snowflakes flying), so I’ll just park these photos here so I can easily visit until nice weather returns.

9 thoughts on “Sewing and Knitting and Cooking and Sky-watching

  1. LOVE your skirt in progress! I dropped the ball on Romi’s mystery shawl this time but I think I’m okay with that. Knitting has been rather rare lately although I did finish my Scoreboard a while back and still need to blog it. I am curious about Plated but not really sure how it works – I will have to do some investigating.

  2. That dark grey and burgundy combination is GORGEOUS, and I actually really like the skirt as it looks now. I’m sure it will be stunning when finished. Your skies are quite beautiful also.

  3. Oh My WOW! that skirt is gonna be amazing! (and even better that you’re loving the creation process too). I’m loving the extra morning light in your morning photos…so cool that you have a record – and some nice weather memories to looks bsck too 🙂

  4. So excited to have you joining the second Healthy Knitter mKAL and walk-along. Looking forward to this next adventure.

  5. Oh my goodness your skirt is gorgeous! I haven’t sewed in years but this technique may just get me motivated again.

  6. So cool you’re doing two different techniques on your skirt and I love the color. My sewing/knitting/cooking is on hold as my arm isn’t happy about all the typing I’ve had to do. Your sewing, your knitting, your cooking are all amazing! The meatballs may be on my table soon. Here’s to spring arriving soon. I’m tired of winter horning in!

  7. Your skirt! Oh, Vicki! So cool. I’m looking forward to having a bit more time to work on my own skirt after a bit of a forced hiatus. (Deadlines.) Love your knitting flurry. And your mouth-watering food porn. And the sky. Have a great weekend. (And I’m with Gale. We need a magical 8th day for stitching!)

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