*Formerly known as "Weekending"

May as well call it as I see it!

I love this space, sharing and talking about projects, the interaction and inspiration; I miss the frequent postings, think often about blogging, and hope that someday maybe the energy and efficiency will all come back.

Meanwhile, a round-up…


Macro May sort of hit the skids 'round about May 2nd, but I had to get down on hands and knees last week when I noticed a "moss forest" growing between the bricks out front. Katie generously supplied her index finger for scale! The neighbors got a pretty good view of my derriere, no doubt, scratching their heads at my behavior for not-the-first- and surely not-the-last-time! Imagine if they could see all that the crazy stuff I do in the back yard, too!!

On Friday, some of the last pieces in a long office expansion/remodel project began to arrive — countertops and the like. There's always been a print of Rusty's in the office, but the available wall space has decreased so it was relocated to another room. I've had a beautiful watercolor hanging on the wall in the living room — partially hidden by objects on a tall-ish piece of furniture — and it was the perfect size for my new office.


It was my birthday present in 1995!


Laundry on the line has always been my thing!


Considering that Maddy was only four in 1995, a teddy bear tea party is totally where we were at! Rusty's always been a master at whimsy and detail… or whimsical details. I'm so happy to have this painting displayed in a place where it can be fully appreciated and enjoyed!


Friday night found us in Hortonville at the Match Factory. Kate and her friend Claire (and various family members) have been working hard for weeks… it's still not finished, but it wasn't supposed to be: Friday night was a great little "preview" show.

Kate and Claire have known each other for a while now… at least a year, maybe more. On Friday night, I was finally able to meet more of Claire's family — we've talked about family on a few occasions, and I've met her brother on a couple of occasions. On Friday, I saw Claire talking to a woman who I assumed was her mother, so introduced myself as Kate's mom, etc.

She looked at me hard and said, "Do we know each other?" I said that I didn't think so. "Did you used to live in Appleton?" Um, yes; on & off for a lot of years. "On Durkee Street??" Nodding… "We were ROOMMATES!"

OMG. All of a sudden there was hugging and reminiscing… Claire's eyes growing wide while her jaw hit the floor, Kate looking at us as if we were aliens!! Therese and I shared an apartment for about a year in about 1981-82; we never "hung out" much, but we certainly crossed paths and were at least somewhat aware of each other's interests, though neither of us were as "deep" into those pursuits as we are now. She ended up marrying the guy that she'd begun dating at that time (so, Claire's dad!). The apartment was owned, at the time, by my BFF & her husband… a.k.a., my current employers.

It's a small, small, SMALL, SMALL world!!


There have been cuddles and snuggles when we're able.


And this guy seems to be handling the changes OK! I was delighted to take him for a few hours on Saturday afternoon… we had so much fun! Annie and the boys came over again, too, after soccer and, well, the kid's certainly not suffering from a lack of attention. We wound down Saturday with a big, raucous family dinner.


I took some "me" time on Sunday and finally christened my Alabama Chanin "Magdalena" stencil, mixing up some paint and firing up the air compressor out in the garage. I definitely need more practice and experience, for one thing and at the very least, learning about paint color and how it plays with fabric color when wet vs. dry.


The play of large scale design on a teeny-tiny dress was intentional; the paint dried to more of a gray and not terribly exciting. My first choice of pink for the underlayer is not going to work, so will re-do and choose something with more contrast — possibly navy blue, or even black.


I had to do more than just that little dress, so cut out and painted an A-line Tunic for myself. I strained my thumb getting my Swing Skirt done a couple of weeks ago, so don't hold your breath on this one… maybe.


Kate brought a new cookbook home the other day and I just had to make this Roasted Chicken in Tarragon Sauce with New Potatoes, Asparagus & Peas. I had to present it exactly as in the book, too. Wow, that was delicious and relatively simple and easy to prepare, with yummy leftovers for lunch today. Win!

Oh, I took some "formal" pics of the grands the other day, too. I haven't processed them all yet, but here are a few faves.


I hope you had a great week/weekend, too!!

12 thoughts on “Weeking*

  1. Love everything about this post. Well, maybe not the strained thumb – ouch! And Rusty’s picture, I can see how you wanted that where you could enjoy it regularly. Fantastic, right down to the little teddy bear.

  2. Oh those grandkids of yours, my goodness but they are gorgeous. And I can’t believe you didn’t remember you own roommate! hahahaha! I completely forgot about Macro May this year. Whoops.

  3. I wouldn’t remember my roommates from back in the day, either. Love the new AC garments-to-be and I know that darling little girl is going to be so cute in the dress! Junah is a hoot. His bean bag antics are priceless. The picture-gift from Rusty’s is so perfectly you.

  4. I also have a soft spot for laundry on the line pictures, so I’m glad you can display it well. Love the Ace clothespin bag! And while laundry in the breeze is great, your grandchildren are even better. You captured some wonderful expressions on those sweet kids!

  5. *happy sigh* I’m perfectly happy with “weeking” posts if they include photos and stories like this one 🙂 So glad Junah’s adjusting well – I can’t wait to see how he plays with little Ginny; we’ve got a thing for Big Brothers around here. And TWO more AC projects?!? look forward to seeing more of both – they’re gonna be gorgeous!

  6. Maybe not so many posts lately — but the posts are FULL of EVERYTHING! And . . . life is GRAND. Here’s to chance meetings and coincidences and lovely paintings and adorable grandchildren and Alabama Chanin and totally awesome moss! Keep on weeking! (It’s my new motto.) XO

  7. I would say that New Baby May certainly trumps Macro May every.single.time! But your mossy photo gives me inspiration – as your photos always do. And, I love, love, love, your AC items. I will be excited to see the dress for Gin and the one for yourself! And, your grands are truly incredible!

  8. So much to take in- I had to read this post twice and then review the pix a third time. What a full post. Love the pix of the grandbabies and looking forward to seeing the new AC garments. Overdying looks great. A deep pink might work. Chicken pix made me hungry and I drooled on keyboard. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You mean to tell us that with a job, a home, a creative life, and two grandkids (one of whom is new, new, new) that you don’t have unbounded time and energy for the blog. I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!!
    I am always happy to see whatever glimpses you have time to share. Life moves in waves and cycles and, at some point, you will cycle back here more often.

  10. So much wonderful here Vicki! That painting and the teddy bear picnic – looking at that every day can’t help but turn any frown upside down. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful shots – especially those adorable grands.

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