At our house

This is the scene, more or less, at our house lately.


And down the street.


Around the whole neighborhood, really, and even beyond. Some of the kids are having fun with it, anyway. It's all getting a bit tiresome, but that's nothing compared to what's foreshadowed by all this work. Ugh.


They didn't dig up my Japanese fern… but it looks like *I* probably should have. Hanging in there so far.

Yeah. Me, too. Hanging in there so far…

6 thoughts on “At our house

  1. It looks like you can’t even get to your front door! May your patience and peace of mind hold out. There isn’t really anything you can do about it (I try to remind myself at times like that), but it does, seemingly, add more weight to the already craziness of life.

  2. Charlie loves construction sites… but I can’t imagine having one in my front yard. Glad you’re hanging in, but wow! hope it’s over soon!!

  3. There is a project similar to this going on in the town where I work. And, as much as a pain as it is for me to drive through it every day, your post has really shown me that it’s even worse for the people who live there. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

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