Weekends, Farewells, KnitKonMari, and Other Stuff


Weekend-before-last, we were invited to spend some time at a good friend's lake cottage. Annie & I took the boys on Sunday afternoon, and we had just the most wonderful time playing in the sand and water, going for boat and pontoon rides, eating, relaxing…


My nephews made a couple of new friends and, with a week or less 'til departure, it was a great distraction!


Saturday was departure day for my sis.


I drove up to take her to the airport, but not before lots of hugs and kisses… and some photos.


I can't believe how tall those boys are getting!


The boys and their dad had a U-haul to finish packing, then left for Madison. They await their Tuesday departure — and they have to be beyond excited now that Ann is in Valencia and at their apartment!


I finished up a few projects on Sunday morning that I'd been neglecting these past few weeks, and that felt so good! I carried on and spent some time working on another long-term project, and then took a break for knitting.


I am reworking the sleeves of Gin's little sweater. New sleeve pictured at left, old at right — there is a VAST and VISIBLE difference in my gauge when switching from straights to DPNs, and it was driving me nuts.


I had every size DPN in my arsenal except for US 9, so ordered a set in Majestic Wood from Knitpicks… and love how they coordinate with the sweater! I also love the pointier tips on those needles, compared to the bamboo I'd been using. 


Though the daylight hours are shrinking, the weather has taken a decided turn for the better, and I'm anxious to get started washing my sweaters and shawls this week with the MDK Washalong.

Also, I can’t fit (stuff) any more shawls into the space where I keep them (a fabric shoe organizer in my closet). They’re not neat and orderly, oft-wrinkled, always falling out, and have begun accumulating in a couple of other areas of the house. I am sometimes having difficulty locating a desired shawl, and find that I am picking shawls up off the closet floor that I haven't worn in years. So, as I wash along, I'll also be doing a little KnitKonMari… applying to sweaters, also, as I haven't worn a pullover in I don't know how long (thanks menopause), and I just don't need the stress of keeping things I no longer use!


It's time to vote, the polls are OPEN: Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick is LIVE!

8 thoughts on “Weekends, Farewells, KnitKonMari, and Other Stuff

  1. I’ve got to find some time to Washalong and Ridalong. My shawls are taking over and they make the worst rugs! 🙂
    Your sister is full of adventure and you’re going to love visiting them in Spain.

  2. what a great bunch of send-off photos! Gin’s sweater is gonna be adorable (glad you had an excuse to buy pretty new needles 🙂 … and I’d love some of that knit-wash mojo – can you send a bit South for me?

  3. I love that little sweater! Great photos of the family before Ann’s departure, I’m sure they are anxious to be reunited. I have shawls I knit years ago that I never wear – I should find a place to donate them.

  4. Here’s to a great trip for Ann and her family and a wonderful future vacation for you! I like the storage idea for the shawls though…

  5. Gin’s sweater is sooo cute- I know the heartache of saying goodbye to family as they move far away but you can look forward to visiting them in Spain (which I hear from my DD is exciting). Jun and Gin will warm your heart. Good for you washing and parting with ‘stuff’. You are serving as an example to us to do the same.
    Hugs sent.

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