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I gathered all of my cowls, shawls, and scarves the other day and threw them on the bed…


…to do some sorting.

There's a Purge Pile, a Frog Pile, a Purgatory Pile, and a Keeper Pile.

A few of the Keepers have already been washed and are drying (the ones that are less intensive in terms of blocking). I have had great success using my front-loader's handwash cycle for handknits. The hard part is finding places for drying!

Here's the Frog Pile (so far):


When you look at them this way…


Or this way (ooo, I love this one!)


It might be hard to see any problems. But problems there are! I don't wear these shawls for one reason or another. I love the yarn, though, and I'd like to knit with it again! Here are the issues:

  • I'd made at least three Baktus scarves using Opal Hundertwasser yarn and had done some riffing, back in the day, with varied success. That orange-purple one, in particular, has a weird shape.


  • I like the Argosy scarf (above), also in Opal Hundertwasser, but would like it better if it were less matchy, just a tad wider, and maybe a bit shorter — this may be a straight-up re-do with aforementioned mods.


  • Lakedale was knit with yarn I'd dyed at Old Maiden Aunt in Scotland. I want to like it, and I've tried, but I just can't with that super ruffly ruffle.
  • I'd knit a Simply Garter Shawl for my sister in Mountain Colors 4/8's wool. Wrong! The colors are great, but it's so… not right. Also, Sharon didn't like shawls.

Stay tuned for more #knitkonmari adventures… if I can take a break from PRISMA!

8 thoughts on “#knitkonmari (1)

  1. you go! super impressed with the idea of frogging … I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find the ends to unravel. (and that Prisma app is very cool!)

  2. Sounds like you’re on track for reclaiming some great yarn. I plan to do this next week when Dale is back to school and I have my Fridays back!

  3. It looks a bit daunting at first, but I think you’ll deserve a big pat on the back when you’re done. The thought of both knitting and frogging that ruffle makes me feel a bit woozy, but I do love that yarn!

  4. BRAVO!!! I love this post!!! I have a couple more to frog, and I have not made much headway on the wash pile – thanks to space and humidity. However, it feels soo good!

  5. So very cool to reclaim yarn that just didn’t work out the first time! I am desperate to start looking through my shawls and follow your lead. I wonder if I have any yarn worth reclaiming? I am going to play with Primsa all day! Thank you for it!

  6. You are brave and tough- when I don’t like an item I’ve made I put it in time out and then frog it eventually. I love the morphing photos- so cool- that could make a pile of mud look good.

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