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I let out a cheer on Friday afternoon when I got home and saw this:


No more gaping hole covered with sheets of plywood. No more orange safety fence, cones, and flashing lights. There's still a bit of that on the next block and around the 'hood, but they are finishing up. Rusty already finessed the wonky bricks and the dirt/seed!

I had a smiley-faced visitor early on Saturday morning:


She stayed with me 'til mid-morning. Such a delight. I don't often have just her in my care.

It was city-wide rummage sale day and, though I don't *need* anything, I couldn't resist stopping at a few that looked interesting.


I spent a dollar and brought home three things, one of which was this sink… and the sink was FREE! It has some goofiness around the drain and may drip a bit, but I intend to use it outside and that doesn't really matter that much. I put it to work right away, re-over-dyeing an Eileen Fisher wrap in indigo that I'd just dyed the weekend before. It was originally a terrible-for-me pale peach color, but I bought it because a) I liked the shape, b) it was fabric I could "work" with, and c) it was on super-duper sale… that was quite a while ago, and I finally gave it a dunk (or three).


I baptized myself!

On Sunday morning, I ran out with Kate to a fun little vintage market where her friend Claire had a booth. I found a sweet little bracelet made by Claire – me, who usually wears nothing more than earrings. I'm wearing it today, along with a bracelet of similar style that was given to me a few years ago! What'll happen next?

On Sunday afternoon, Rusty & I attended the wedding of one of my coworkers at a park in Green Bay.


It was a glorious afternoon for such a thing!


The evening wasn't bad, either.

I hope your weekend was good! I am getting used to the idea of my daughter being on the other side of the world. Thankfully, it didn't take long for her to start blogging… and she's already had a tale or two to tell! Here's Post #1 and Post #2, and feel free to subscribe or follow along if you'd like. She will be leaving Auckland today headed for… I don't know exactly where! Hopefully, wherever it is, she'll find some wifi.  :)

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. A post full of delights, even your baptism! I only used to wear a watch, and now I wear 4 bracelets; we are women on the wild side! I loved reading Maddie’s posts and have added her to my feedly. New Zealand seems full of acronyms, a drunk pisser, and adventures. Wishing her safe travels!

  2. Baptism by Indigo – this really should be a jazz song, sung by perhaps Tony Bennett…
    Bracelets, they must be a thing, I have pulled a couple out myself to wear recently!

  3. I LOVE Maddie’s blog! I’m excited to read more about her adventure — so thanks for sharing. I’m so glad the construction is finished; my god, that must feel like a relief! And bracelets? LOVE THEM!

  4. I can’t get over how much Gin looks like her brother (and just think, she won’t “have” to get a haircut 🙂 Your indigo baptism was a long time coming – hope you share the much-improved Eileen Fisher soon!

  5. Oh, the sink, I want one so bad! For my next house, I want a real big sink for unusual laundry and cleaning products. For right now, I want to see what that Eileen Fisher wrap looks like because it would never have occurred to me to do that to something on sale. (I might be ruing the fact that I just donated two pairs of pants that I loved, except for the color. Just sayin’.)

  6. Hurrah for no more construction. A smiley baby and a free sink, what a weekend. How did the wrap look after its dunking? Loving the Kiwi blogs.

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